Boehner risks his reputation in Obamacare shutdown


Dr Adam Quinn

“While the sudden reality of the derailing of the US government may come as a surprise to some, for regular viewers this represents the feared collision at the end of a long series of games of chicken between the president Barack Obama (and the Democrat-controlled senate) on one side and the Republican House on the other.”

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  • George Hajjar
    1. At 3:10AM on 06 October 2013, George Hajjar wrote

    Very true. The republicans are trying anything they can to not allow policies go into place that they will want to try and undo if they win the presidency when Obama steps down. They are trying to do anything to discredit Obama and appease the wealthy. Not that Obama is a perfect leader, he's not, but the republicans just want to soil Obama and hate him.

    George J Hajjar PhD

    Ct. USA, 2012 graduate from BHAM