Having a few sherbets? 'Powdered alcohol' brews up a storm



Dr Simon Cotton

“Powdered alcohol has been in the news this week. First we were told that a product called Palcohol was the hottest new thing to hit the US market, a powder that would dissolve in water to give different types of alcoholic drinks, including rum, vodka and several cocktails. Then, within days, approval for the product was withheld reportedly over labelling issues.”

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  • Bettina Jung
    1. At 1:12PM on 01 May 2014, wrote

    To name this brew ´sherbet´ is another crime, namely of misnaming.- The producers seem to have pinched it from the ancient Indian Brand ´Sherbat´ standing for lemonade made from lemon juice mixed with water and a good pinch of salt and sugar. That is not only a great drink in summer to quench the thirst but also a remedy that balances hyper-acidity in the body at the same time! - The Indian word Sherbat is pronounced exactly as we would pronounce ´Sherbet´. That again is because a single ´A´ in Indian phonetic script stands for the sound like in the english word ´a´ for the meaning ´one´ in number, not many.- What a demonic use of language that is.-