Flight MH17 and Russia's 'little green men'



Dr Kataryna Wolczuk

"The shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in Eastern Ukraine on 17 July has placed the conflict which has engulfed that part of Ukraine into an entirely new context. It has transformed the event from a localised, regional rebellion into a crisis that brings Russia’s role into the open, writes Kataryna Wolczuk, of the Centre for Russian and European Studies."

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  • alex
    1. At 8:06AM on 22 July 2014, alex wrote

    I think Putin sees himself as a strongman and compared to the wests vaccillating vote-chasing public school puddings, he is absolutely right.

  • Jon Wordie
    2. At 11:44AM on 27 July 2014, Jon Wordie wrote

    War by proxy is nothing new. In the Korean War, for example, US fighter pilots in 'Mig Alley' knew that they were engaging Russian pilots flying Russian planes in direct combat, notwithstanding the Korean 'flags of convenience'. It hardly mattered at the time, given that the Cold War deadlock was a fait accompli - But it certainly matters now, given Russia's aspirations to international acceptance in trade and relations.

    This incident reminds us that NATO is, alas, not such an anachronism.