Commons vote on Syria is a first step in the right direction



Stefan WolffProfessor Stefan Wolff

“Yesterday’s debate and vote in the British House of Commons on Syria has demonstrated how little common ground there is between supporters and opponents of military action against the Assad regime in response to the use of chemical weapons last week.”

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    1. At 1:44AM on 31 August 2013, wrote

    Prof.. my honor to answer your a little political statement about the Crises in the middle east

    as i'm from the middle east and in my view that a big western countries they want control the world by using a forces with unfaithful evidences to hit and get a power of poor nations ,we have to remember back historical when the great British had been made a middle east divided in many pieces , and right now a day they back with them allies to kill more people in Iraq ,Syria and ( who is NEXT ??? ) and support the terrorism in Syria by sent them a weapons with out thinking what the result of that ,or what kind of disaster have been made .... please stay away from us...