Thatcherism: A phrase coined here in Birmingham

Peter Kerr

Peter Kerr

“The debate over Mrs Thatcher’s legacy is one of the most important political debates of our time. At stake is not simply an evaluation of recent history; it is as much about the current and future direction of Britain as it is about the past.”

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  • Kate McLuskie
    1. At 8:29PM on 10 April 2013, Kate McLuskie wrote

    Wonderful to have Stuart Hall's role in structuring this debate acknowledged. Excellent, too, to see ideology tempered with evidence. The politicians will have had their say in a day or two but understanding the long view remains an urgent project that needs insight such as Kerr offers here.

  • Paul Cairney
    2. At 10:50AM on 11 April 2013, wrote

    Excellent stuff - someone should try to persuade Peter to return to social media.

  • Bill Harte
    3. At 5:05PM on 12 April 2013, wrote

    Thanks Peter for a balanced view on Thatcherism. I have been tired of the right v left debate , of the wicked witch or the saviour characteur. I would have liked a bit more views on her leadership and how modern politicans live up to that leadership standard. At the very least I will now be able to wine bets in the pub when somebody asks where the term Thatcherism was coined...

  • Pratik Pael
    4. At 5:29PM on 13 April 2013, Pratik Pael wrote

    Thatcherism is such a beauiful word :)