After the election, the Republican Party faces a "social cliff"

Reassessing the GOP's conservative social vision


Professor Scott Lucas

“Back in November 2010, after Republicans decisively overturned the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, President Obama admitted his party had taken a “shellacking” in the midterm elections. Now it is the turn of the Republicans.”

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  • Alyson
    1. At 8:08PM on 24 November 2012, Alyson wrote

    Being an American living in England, I find it refreshing to read an opinion devoid of finger pointing and blame laying. As you know, the US political system is nothing but, these days and that, above all is what is keeping our governmental system stagnant.

    You make an interesting point and I believe you're correct however I don't believe the Republican party as a whole will be willing to make the concessions you suggest as they are currently (and rather unwillingly, I believe) handcuffed to the ultra right wing faction that they allowed to infiltrate their party around 2010. I think in hind sight that they may have attempted to reign this arm of the party in if they knew then what they know now, how it would polarize them and separate them from so much of the rest of the country but you know what they say.....

    Overall, I think compromise from both sides is the key to the way things will get done but if our past is any sign of our future, I just see the US government as becoming more and more of a joke, and not a funny one at that.