Birmingham Policy Commission Report

Feature image 1The Future of Nuclear Energy in the UK Policy Commission Report

The Nuclear Commission Report offers a state-of-play assessment of nuclear energy’s circumstances in 2012 and its likely prospects, and a critical examination of what might be done to deliver energy policies that are effective in both the short and longer term.

The full report is composed of three sections:

  • Section I provides the background and overview of the Commission as well as the main conclusions of the report
  • Section II provides a summary narrative of key areas facing the UK in terms of re-establishing nuclear energy and the related Commission recommendations
  • Section III contains a detailed analysis of these key areas

The summary report contains only Sections I and II as described above 

The Report


The Report Launch

The Commission Report was launched in July 2012 with a panel discussion involving Tim Yeo MP (Chair, Energy and Climate Change Committee), Professor Martin Freer (Policy Commission Academic Director) and Stephen Tindale (Climate and Energy Consultant, Associate Fellow at the Centre for European Reform and a member of the Commission). The discussion was chaired by Fiona Fox (Chief Executive, Science Media Centre).

Nuclear Policy Commision Report Launch