Policy Commission Workshops

Workshop 1: 'Redesigning Public Service Relationships',
27 January 2011

The Policy Commission hosted a series of workshops to hear from and debate with experts from a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

This first workshop focused on how public service relationships can be redesigned to meet the appetite for civic activism whilst also safeguarding the delivery of effective public services, in the context of significantly reduced public spending.

Invited experts

Edward Andersson (Involve); Fiona Blacke (National Youth Agency); Mark Bramah (Association for Public Service Excellence); Mary Cook (Uscreates); Nic Crosby (In Control); Matthew Horne (Innovation Unit); Haki Kapasi (Inspire Consultancy Ltd); Nigel Keohane (New Local Government Network); Therese O'Toole (Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol); Richard Simmons (University of Stirling); Richard Selwyn (Commissioning Support Programme); Garath Symonds (Surrey County Council); Jean Templeton (St Basil’s); Andy Thornton (Citizenship Foundation); Sue White (University of Birmingham)

Read the full workshop report here (PDF 1.07MB)
Read young people's views here (PDF - 437KB)


  Tony Bovaird - Commissioner                                                                

    Mark Bramah - APSEHelen Sullivan and Deborah Cadman