Other facts and figures

Here are other facts and figures about the University that you may not know...

Researchers at the University have developed:

  • Radar and the microwave oven 
  • Pacemakers to treat the symptoms of heart disease 
  • Wireless telegraphy, tank design and light alloys for aircrafts

Our researchers (including student researchers) at the University have also:

  • Successfully used a herpes vaccine to attack and kill cancer cells 
  • Explored the benefits of using sugar as a natural, clean and cheap alternative to conventional treatments for wounds 
  • Proved that, despite being considered an island, the UK was attached to mainland Europe as recently as 7,000BC 
  • Identified the cultural shift of allotments from a source of cheap food into a worthwhile form of recreation 
  • Found that people in happy marriages have a higher level of antibodies to fight off flu

Our researchers at the University are still:

  • Assessing 400 people born in 1946 as part of a wider long-term study of ageing that began just after World War II: it monitors the passage from birth to old age 
  • Finding new ways to encourage teenagers to make energy savings 
  • Collaborating on whether mass reading events and book clubs are attracting new readers and marginalized communities

We own or host many great resources for undergraduate study and doctoral research, including:

  • Over 2.5 million books including our Special Collection of over 80,000 pre-1850 books and 3-million manuscripts dating from 1471 
  • The Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern manuscripts, the largest such collection after the Vatican and the Bibliothèque nationale de France 
  • The largest superconducting magnet for molecular imaging in the UK – housed in the University’s Henry Wellcome Building