10 key research facts

Chemical engineering research1. Birmingham will be at the forefront of developments in childhood cancer research thanks to the launch of a new centre that will co-ordinate groundbreaking clinical trials across the UK.

2. Clinical trials in women with early stage breast cancer have shown that changing the combination of chemotherapy drugs given after surgery can reduce the risk of dying of the disease by more than 30%. 

3. Medics in Immunology are currently exploring how Vitamin D could be used in rheumatoid arthritis treatments.

4. Medical research into childhood fitness and physical activity has reported a 3–5% reduction in body fat amongst the young people recruited to its study, after only 12 weeks.

5. The University’s spin-out company Celentyx Ltd, formed by our researchers, has discovered the potential for Prozac to be used in the treatment of Leukemia.

6. An archaeology team led by the University has discovered a major ceremonial monument less than one kilometre away from the iconic Stonehenge, using the latest geophysical imaging techniques.

7. Our Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) is investigating the ways in which people manage their finances and the potential for financial education to change behaviour and improve individual financial stability.

8. Chemical Engineering researchers are looking at the feasibility of making hydrogen fuel cells the vehicle power of the future.

9. Civil Engineering researchers are exploring how to make transport systems more resilient to climate change by 2050.

10. Geography researchers have calculated that there has been a 0.65 degree rise in global temperatures over the last 500 years using data from stalagmite growth.