Healthcare Scientist

Career profile of a STEM Ambassador working in Healthcare Science.

How did you first become interested in STEM as a career?

My love for science and learning really expanded during secondary school. I strongly believe this was due to the encouragement and guidance of my GCSE science teacher. She recognised my academic talent in the subject and encouraged me to believe in my abilities. Her support gave me the confidence to study further and to pick science for higher education. 

What pathway did you follow to get where you are?

I have completed a Bachelor’s degree in medical science and a PhD in molecular and cell biology. I am also studying part time for a Master’s degree in clinical biochemistry as part of the training for my current job. The minimum requirement for my current role is a 2.1 in a life science degree.

What inspires you about your work and/or about STEM?

STEM is always evolving and never stands still and that motivates me enormously. Technological advances and science discoveries are constantly happening all over world and they directly impact the Healthcare sector and the work that is being done to help patients receive the best care. Understanding the role I play in helping patients get quality care is also extremely motivating and encouraging.

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador? 

I want to inspire as many young people about STEM as possible. I believe a career in STEM is very satisfying and can help improve all aspects of our lives. I also want to encourage students to believe in their abilities and to aim high, as I was encouraged in school by my teachers

Describe the latest activity you were involved in: 

I was most recently asked to give oral evidence (as a young professional in a STEM career) to the science and technology sub-select committee at the House of Lords as part of their inquiry into higher education in STEM subjects.

What do you feel were the positive outcomes for yourself?

I was able to engage and give honest feedback on my higher education in STEM to very important and influential members of parliament. It was an opportunity to get my voice heard on a topic that I feel passionate about. The chance would not have arisen if I did not choose to become a STEM ambassador.

Could you offer any advice to young people?

My advice to young people is to read and learn as much as you can, be inspired and follow your dreams.