What do STEM Ambassadors do?


There is always a wide range of STEM opportunities available, from hands-on activities to competitions and after school clubs.

The types of activities that Ambassadors typically support include, assisting with STEM clubs, providing an insight into career opportunities, facilitating workplace visits and/or working as mentors, as well as attending careers fairs and judging competitions.

We are often asked by teachers: 

“STEM Ambassadors, what will they do?” 

"How much work is involved?"

“How do I include Ambassadors in my Lessons?”

"My school doesn't have a big budget, what's the cost?"

To help answer these questions, we have developed a range of Activity Models which cover a range a range of activity that can be undertaken by Ambassadors in schools. Each model has been designed as a ‘lesson plan’ and should be simple to use by teachers and STEM Ambassadors alike.  

BTEC Inspiration

Do you sometimes find that your students doubt the validity of the BTEC qualification they are studying leading to a lack of motivation? This activity will use an ambassador role model to inspire and motivate showing the relevance of BTEC study and how the vocational nature of this study is relevant to real work contexts.

Download BTEC Inspiration Activity Model (PDF - 1.09MB)

Guess my job!

A chance for your students to meet a number of STEM professionals. Using quick fire probing questions, students will gather information on a number of STEM careers. Inspire your class and update your knowledge with this fast paced careers session.

Download Guess my job Activity Model (PDF - 1.6MB)

Junior Cafe Sci 

Debating the hot topics of the day and the ethics of scientific advancement is important within the scientific community. Give your students chance to develop their communication skills and an awareness of ethical issues within a cafe scientific setting. A STEM ambassador will be your guest speaker and hopefully the conversation will flow.

Download Junior Cafe Sci Activity Model (PDF - 1.12MB)

Meet the...

From engineers to doctors and from chemists to accountants, STEM Ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes. This activity gives your class a chance to delve deeper into a mystery career. They use careful questioning and tools of the trade to uncover the visitor's career. This truly hands on career session will allow your students to have a go for themselves.

Download Meet the... Activity Model (PDF - 1.5MB)

Mock interviews 

Being able to succeed in interviews is a skill we all need but have little opportunity to practice. This activity will give your students the chance to gain some valuable interview techniques and feedback on their CV with impartial STEM professionals who have experience of the current workplace.

Download Mock Interviews Activity Model (PDF- 1.14MB)

STEM all around us 

How often do students ask why we are doing this? This activity illustrates the strong links between all four STEM subjects and helps highlight how much overlap there is in many jobs. It will add a real world context to lessons and build career aspirations in an interactive session.

Download STEM all around us Activity Model (PDF - 1.13MB)

What to do now?

  • Request a STEM Ambassador using our online form or download a Request Form (Word - 44KB).
  • Take a look at our latest feedback from teachers and read about events happening at other schools in the area
  • Hear from ambassadors on their experiences volunteering on STEMNetworking
  • Take a look at our Resources page for current opportunities and ideas
  • Contact us to discuss your school's specific needs.