Who are STEM Ambassadors?

scienceworkshopSTEM Ambassadors are passionate and committed, offering their time voluntarily to enthuse and inspire students within schools about STEM subjects. They can do this through a variety of activities such as clubs, careers talks, helping with school events, lessons and competitions, and much more.  

Jon Wood "Just because being an ambassador is inevitably voluntary, this does not mean the rewards are not immense. At a recent fair I finished by talking to a small group of pupils about their future STEM careers, when one pupil came and said that in ten years time, he wanted to be standing where I was and he wanted to teach me something. This has been one of my most favourite experiences so far, in realising the positive outcomes of the work of a STEM ambassador. To see one person glimpse a positive view of their own future in STEM is reward enough"

Our Ambassadors have:

  • Been selected to speak about STEM Education at a House of Commons Select Committee
  • Featured on the BBC's 'Bang goes the Theory'
  • Helped schools to obtain funding from the Royal Society

And they do things like this:


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