Information for Teachers


“The STEM Ambassadors Programme will enable you to make links from the curriculum to how STEM is practiced in the world of work, illuminating applications across a vast range of careers”.

STEM Ambassadors are an invaluable and free resource for teachers and schools. Not only are they free, they are CRB checked and have received a basic induction about how to approach the classroom, safeguarding student’s welfare.


What are the benefits to my students?


The benefits to your students include:

  • Better motivation, more confidence and enthusiasm regarding STEM subjects
  • Opportunities to improve key skills and increase understanding in STEM
  • A better understanding of the opportunities that a career in STEM can offer

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What activities can STEM Ambassadors do?

The types of activities that Ambassadors typically support include, assisting with STEM clubs, providing an insight into career opportunities, facilitating workplace visits and/or working as mentors, as well as attending careers fairs and judging competitions.

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Who are STEM Ambassadors?  

STEM Ambassadors are people from STEM backgrounds, usually professionals and experts in their field, who volunteer as inspiring role models for young people.

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