Careers Day

Tuesday 10th July 2012 (09:00-11:30)

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Careers Day 
St Ambrose Barlow Primary School B28 9JJ
Tuesday 10th July 2012. 9.00am to 11.30am. Year 6 (10/11 years)

30 pupils

We are organising a careers day for our Year 6 pupils. It is an informal event with a number of guests including Dentists, Police, Fire Service, and Hair & Beauty. The aim is to divide the pupils into groups of 3 to 4 pupils who will then spend time with each visitor. We would like to allow enough time at the end of the session where pupils can re visit guests to chat on their own if they so choose. The aim of event is to allow pupils to chat about the visitor’s careers, how they made their particular choice of studies, what their career involves and what opportunities are available within the visitors organisation. I have approached STEM because I was hoping that an ambassador would share with the pupils their work within a field that involves subjects the children have come across in their school life but may not have thought how these could be applied in the work place.