Current STEM Ambassadors

Information for current STEM Ambassadors. 


What are the current volunteering opportunities?

See Events and Volunteering Opportunities for details. We also send out a fortnightly e:bulletin detailing current opportunities. If you don't currently receive this, email us at and we will add you to the mailing list.

What kind of activities can I do as an Ambassador?

We have developed a range of Activity Models which cover a range of activitiesthat can be undertaken by Ambassadors in schools. Each model has been designed as a ‘lesson plan’ and should be simple to use by teachers and STEM Ambassadors alike. 

Find out more about the Activity Models. If you have a specific idea for an activity, and need some guidance, please contact us.

Recording your recent activities

It's really important that you let us know what volunteering you have done recently. We need to keep your ambassador profile up-to-date, and more importantly, you won't be covered by STEMNET insurance if we aren't aware of what activities you are doing. Letting us know is easy; either give us a call, email us, or record your activities using our simple online form. You can also update your ambassador profile as soon as you have volunteered for an activity.


STEMNetworking is a web-based platform that allows STEM Ambassadors to share information about school activities in which they have participated in by uploading blogs and creating an online profile. You can also get involved with activities most relevant to your interests by responding to teacher’s online requests for ambassadors in the Birmingham and Solihull region. Take advantage of STEMNetworking.