Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day at University of Birmingham

Thursday 20th March (00:00) - Thursday 10th April 2014 (00:00)

email: stemambassadors@contacts.bham.ac.uk

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University of Birmingham B15 2TT

11 April 2014

09.30 - 14:00

8-10 years old

30 students

Students will be designing the perfect working environment for happy students and employees. Students will be identifying needs of workers and thinking about how space influences happiness and productivity before using their creativity to come up with the perfect office space. Teams will then pitch their designs to STEM ambassadors, competing for the winning spot.

There will be a briefing at 09:50. You will be working with a small group of students helping them to complete this challenge. Facilitating rather than leading, you will help students understand their task and manage their time effectively. This shared experience will help to create an informal learning environment where students can find out more about your background as well as higher education in general. This is a perfect first opportunity for new ambassadors.