Key Skills at work/ Graduate Challenge Days

Monday 24th June (09:00) - Friday 5th July 2013 (15:00)


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King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys B14 7QJ
24th &25th June, 5th July
Year 11 and 12 (aged 16-17)

The school are running a number of events this summer as part of their work related curriculum. They are keen to enable their students to gain a broad understanding of the work place and the needs of employers.

Key Skills at Work

This is a 1.5 day activity to be held on Monday 24th June (all day) and Friday 5th July 2012 (1.30 - 4.00pm. only). Ideally you would attend both days but if this is not possible then you could attend either of the two days. There will be around 90 Yr 11 students going on work experience in attendance for these days. You would act as advisers to a small group of 16 year old students (year 11). There are a range of activities during the day and each representative will work alongside about 10 students as they undertake specific tasks. You will have the opportunity to talk about your job and career path to date as well as giving advice on the task and, in particular, pointing out some of the skills the students need in order to be successful.

The Graduate Challenge

This takes place on Tuesday 25th June, 8.00am – 4.30pm and is held jointly with King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls School. In total there will be around 250 6th form students aged 17 yrs. The structure of the day is similar to the Key Skills days but focuses on preparing students for employment as future graduates. Most of the students attending will be going on to university and seeking to enter the work force as graduates in due course. You will again spend the day with a small group of students, this time both boys and girls. The day is partly run as a competition in which we seek to find “the ideal potential graduate employee”.