Year 7 Careers Week

Tuesday 5th March 2013 (08:45-11:00)


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Year 7 Careers Week
Kingsbury School and Sports College B24 8RE
5th March 2013
8.45-11am (visitors to arrive ideally 8.15-8.30 for coffee and short briefing)
Year 7 (aged 11-12)
170 students split into 6 groups of 25-30

As part of year 7 careers week, the school would like to invite Ambassadors to work with students to raise aspirations, increase their awareness of different jobs and careers within STEM, encourage students to engage with their learning, and get involved in extra curricular activities with the aim of improving career chances. Ambassadors must be willing and able to engage with 11/12 year olds! If possible the school would like an ambassador to deliver an ‘inspirational’ assembly to the whole year group at the beginning of the day.The assembly could cover how you got into your career, the value of extra curricular activities, and generally enthusing students about STEM.