STEM Careers and Activity Sessions

Wednesday 2nd May 2012 (00:00)

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Al-Hijrah School
B9 4US
Dates and times to be agreed with individual ambassadors
Years 7-11

The School are looking for STEM Ambassadors who would like to take part in running practical activities for students in STEM Subjects during lessons.

  • Maths:The maths department would like ambassadors to deliver talks and/or activities on maths careers & applications of maths in real world contexts, across all school years.
  • Technology: Aimed at year 9 & 10 students, Ambassadors from Design/and or architecture backgrounds are required to talk about your occupation and deliver a practical activity related to it.
  • Science: Ambassadors from any science discipline would be welcome to deliver practical activities related to a subject or your occupation, for year 8 & 9 students. 

Boys and girls are taught in separate classes – but males and females can deliver to any class.