Careers Fair - Yardleys School

Wednesday 27th November 2013 (08:45-15:10)


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Yardleys School B11 3EY
Year Groups 7 – 11 (aged 11-16 years)
180 students in a Year group.

The school are running a Careers fair to provide an opportunity for students across all year groups to learn about and research different careers. The school want to help raise student’s aspirations and encourage them to work hard at their GSCE's .As the students move around the Careers Fair, Ambassadors will be required to do informal talks to small groups of students about their jobs and the industry that they work in or have worked in, the route that they took and future opportunities. The school wants students to be inspired to think about STEM related careers. Any associated practical activities from ambassadors would be welcome. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided.