Medical Physics Teacher CPD

Tuesday 24th September (15:00) - Monday 4th November 2013 (16:10)


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Medical Physics Teacher CPD
CTC Kingshurst Academy B37 6NU
Any of the following dates:
24 September
7 October
21 October
4 November
25 November

This is a CPD Session for up to 20 teachers on the medical physics section of the AQA course. The school are looking for Medical Physisicts who would be willing to come into school and increase their knowledge of Medical Physics and explain the science behind Medical Physics. The teachers are looking for knowledge on the following:

  • Xrays
  • Ultra sound
  • PET
  • CT
  • CAT
  • MRI

They would also like to learn about the role of a medical physicist so that they can pass this knowledge onto students.