Meet the Female Role Model

Thursday 5th September 2013 (08:55-12:10)


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Lordswood Girls School B17 8QB
Year 11 (aged 15-16 years)
25 Students

As part of a series of induction days in the new term for yr 11 the school wants female role models to inspire and broaden the horizons of the girls into STEM careers. There is high parental expectation that the girls will go into medicine or law with very little understanding of the wide range of options available. The school would really like to show them with this activity that there is more out there.

The pupils will be split into groups and spend 4 x 30 minutes and one longer 1 hour session with each visitor. After an initial talk/presentation the girls will question you about your work and/or study find out more about different areas for careers and the different pathways you all took. The last session will be a longer one with an activity included.