STEM all around us - Park Hall Academy

Thursday 10th (09:00) - Friday 11th October 2013 (13:00)


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Park Hall Academy B36 9HF
10th OR 11th October
Years 9,10 and 11
Max 30 students in each group

The school would like to run a ‘Surrounded by STEM’ experience for their more able science students in Years 9, 10 and 11. There will be 4 x 1 hour sessions for each year group on a carousel basis. 3 sessions will be run by STEM ambassadors in fully equipped science laboratory classrooms ( with the support of the class teacher), and the 4th session will be run by the school.

The school are looking for 3 STEM ambassadors (or more!) to run sessions that will enrich the student’s understanding of STEM, enthuse them with some fascinating science and hopefully inspire them to pursue science at KS5 and beyond. The sessions should be focused around real, everyday objects or topics that the students can easily relate to. The school have given a guideline for the sessions:

  • Session 1 – Physics focus, focusing on an everyday object i.e. mobile phone, Discuss the different components, possibly dismantling one whilst talking about the science and technology that is incorporated into its design, manufacture and usage.
  • Session 2 – Biology focus. Possibly a session focusing on the extraction of DNA.
  • Session 3 – Chemistry focus. A session that uses chemicals and apparatus in the laboratory to make or produce something. 

The school are open to any ideas for these sessions and would welcome the opportunity to meet with ambassadors before the event to review the session, discuss ideas and ensure that they are providing all the support that is required.