Workshop schedule

Day Time Event
Mon 9-10:30am Introduction to Environmental Genomics
  10:30-noon Workshop Presentation: Library construction methods and QC
  noon-1:00pm Lunch
  1-2:00pm Workshop Presentation: Introduction to automation systems
  2-3:30pm Workshop Presentation: Introduction to the sequence data workflow
  3:30-5:00pm Bioinformatics Training: Introduction to R
  7-10:00pm Evening Lecture 1
Tues 9-11:00 Bioinformatics Training: Visualization of sequence data for quality
  11-12:30pm Workshop Presentation: Review of the sequencing technology, it’s strengths and weaknesses
  12:30-1:30pm Lunch
  1:30-3:30pm Bioinformatics Training: Visualizing complex data 
  3:30-5:00pm Synthesis Session: Why not use ____ organism for my investigation?
  7-10:00pm Evening Lecture 2
Wed 9-10:00am Bioinformatics Training: Navigating the command line
  10-noon Bioinformatics Training: Data analysis using R (Part 1)
  noon-1:00pm Lunch
  1-2:00pm Workshop Presentation: RNA-Seq alignment to individual transcriptomes
  2-3:00pm Workshop Presentation: Statistical considerations for analyzing genome-scale data
  3-5:00pm Bioinformatics Training: Data analysis using R (Part 2)
  7-10:00pm Evening Lecture 3
Thur 9-11:00am Bioinformatics Training: Gene set enrichment
  11-noon Bioinformatics Training: Pathway analysis
  noon-1:00pm Lunch
  1-3:30pm Bioinformatics Training: Exploiting genome sequence variation
  3:30-5:00pm Synthesis Session: “Why not extract ____ from my sequence data?”
  7-10:00pm Evening Lecture 4
Fri 9-10:30pm Synthesis Session: Integrating omics data
  10:30-noon Bioinformatics Synthesis: Individual help desk
  noon-1:00pm Lunch
  1-2:00pm Synthesis Session: “How do I obtain funding for my Environmental Genomics project?”
  2-3:30pm Closing ceremony