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Biosciences is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving of the modern sciences. It embraces topics from bioinformatics to structural biology, from genomics to genetic conservation, from pathogenicity to toxicology, from gene regulation to human growth factors and cell signalling, and from environmental biology to animal and plant physiology.

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National Student Survey 2011 "Our 96% student satisfaction result places us in the top three of all the Russell Group universities for our subject area."

Written and produced by three of our Biosciences students, this video offers an insight in to the lives of our students from a personal perspective, yet one which is reflective of our general student body.

Hansong Ma, University of California, San Francisco "I feel very lucky that I picked the School of Biosciences for my Undergraduate study. I was introduced to various biological topics via a range of carefully designed courses which reinforced my interests and helped me to develop many essential skills. I also earned my PhD at the same school. The University of Birmingham served as a great foundation for my ongoing scientific career at the UCSF."

The School of Biosciences at Birmingham provides specialist teaching and conducts research in fundamental and applied aspects of all modern biosciences disciplines.