Postgraduate opportunities

Our School of Biosciences offers a wide range of postgraduate courses.  Details on the programmes, entry requirements and how to apply are given on the relevant course pages.  Choose PhD research or a course from the list below to see details.


"Birmingham is a really vibrant environment for studying microbiology right now. The new Institute of Microbiology and Infection brings together a wide range of expertise in microbiology under one roof. I am currently interested in how bacterial pathogens interact with their host."
Dr Anne-Marie Krachler, Birmingham Fellow, School of Biosciences, pictured (right) with her MSc student Rosa Zavaleta Romero

MSc courses - taught masters

All programmes are suitable for graduates with a good honours degree from UK or overseas universities in a relevant subject.

Microbiology and Infection MSc

This MSc programme is built on the combined expertise in microbiology and infection that has been assembled through the establishment of the Institute of Microbiology and Infection at Birmingham.

It draws on the internationally recognized expertise of members of both the [more...]

Molecular Biotechnology MSc

The programme aims to provide students with training and learning opportunities in the skills and specialised knowledge needed to equip them for a career in biotechnology, molecular biotechnology or molecular biology, in particular in industry.

Practical skills will include [more...]

Toxicology MSc

This programme provides vocational training in the theoretical, clinical and laboratory aspects of toxicology.

You will learn about the nature and mechanism of adverse effects of chemicals such as those found in industry, in the household, in agriculture, in medicine and those [more...]

International pre-Masters programmes

Aimed at highly motivated international learners with an excellent academic record, our International pre-Masters programmes for Microbiology and Infection and Molecular Biotechnology are suitable for you if you do not meet the entry requirements for the one year Masters courses. Find out more 


MSc Molecular Biotechnology

MSc Toxicology

MRes courses - combined taught and research masters

The School offers research Masters degrees in these areas:

Molecular and Cellular Biology MRes

This masters programme is designed to prepare you for a career in research in molecular and cellular biology and its applications.

It comprises a year of intensive training and research experience leading to the award of an MRes degree which will give you a ‘flying [more...]

Molecular Mechanistic Toxicology MRes

One of the most rapidly developing areas of toxicology. 

This programme provides students with a research-orientated training in the application of molecular and cell biology to develop an understanding of chemical toxicity at the cellular and molecular level. You will [more...]


PhD Research

Biosciences PhD/MSc (Research)

Research in the School of Biosciences centres around four interlinked groupings, which focus on multi and interdisciplinary research. each theme represents areas of research excellence in human, animal, plant, microbial, cell and molecular biology [more...]

PhD degree research in the Biosciences Graduate Research School 

More information on studying for a PhD by Distance Learning can be found here.

The Centre for Higher Education Development awarded the University of Birmingham 'Excellence Group' status in biology; the Excellence ranking provides a comparison of the best European university research facilities for prospective Master and Doctoral programme students.

PhD Biosciences : antibiotic drug discovery and tuberculosis

PhD Biosciences: antimicrobial resistance and plasmids

PhD Biosciences: Plant sexual reproduction

Career opportunities

Biosciences postgraduate career opportunities
Doctoral Researcher