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Find out what it's like to be a student in the School of Biosciences, and see how our courses have benefited past students in their chosen careers.

Charlotte, BSc Biochemistry student
 Charlotte, BSc Biochemistry

"After coming to visit Birmingham and seeing the campus, there was something that just felt so right about it. I felt it was a decision I had to make."
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Tim, BSc Biological Sciences student
 Tim, BSc Biological Sciences

"Being able to learn hands-on the science which you’re taught in lectures was a really important part of the learning experience." 
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Eloise, BSc Human Biology student
 Eloise, BSc Human Biology

"This course was quite unique in that it came at biology from a purely human angle which is what drew me to it." 
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   Oliver, BSc Biochemistry

'Studying biochemistry is a fascinating experience. As it’s a continually evolving area of science where breakthroughs are always being made it feels great to be part of it. My degree has benefited me in so many ways and will continue to for the rest of my life.'

  Charlotte, BSc Biological Sciences

'I obtained an BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences and the scientific nature and academic course gave me a good start in pursuing an environmental career that encompasses all aspects of science including biology.'

  Sara, BSc Natural Sciences

'I studied Natural Sciences, specialising in Biology and Biochemistry with minors in Spanish and economics. The course provided me with the skills to think logically and express my self simply and clearly.'

 Alistair, Animal Biology

"Uni taught me how to work (and play!) hard. That first experience of living away from home and meeting new people is a big thing and I truly believe it has helped shape who I am today."

 Hannah, BSc Medical Biochemistry

"My degree gave me my core scientific understanding and practical lab skills, which allowed my entry to the medical device industry."

BSc Biological Sciences (Genetics) graduate, Alexandra Grundy
 Alexandra, BSc Biological Sciences   (Genetics)

"BSc Biological Sciences (Genetics) - gave me a passion for biology and how things work and live."

 Qamar, BSc Human Biology

"I studied BSc in Human Biology and MSc in Toxicology. Both degrees gave real taste of what to expect in the real world, to be organised, work well on my own and as a team."

 Stephanie,MSci Biological Sciences

"What I studied at Birmingham, as well as the wonderful opportunities my tutor helped me arrange in terms of internships and work experience not only secured my PhD, but are continuing to pay dividends 2 years after graduation."

 Kylee, BSc Biochemistry

"This was an analytical and practical based degree where I learned to interpret and present scientific concepts & data clearly and effectively. My BSc qualification and knowledge proved a vital stepping stone to my postgraduate qualification in Engineering."

  Emily, BSc Human Biology

"I loved my study at Birmingham and wouldn’t change anything about my experience."

 Chiedu, MSci Biochemistry

"I studied Biochemistry (MSci), which was one the best decisions I ever made."

 Dongni Li, MSci Molecular

"It is difficult not to be influenced by such a great learning atmosphere and this is certainly one of the reasons I wanted to study abroad."

  Francis, PhD Biosciences

"I hope Birmingham has many more students from India. It's an absolute joy to study here."

 Tania, BSc Biological Sciences

"The degree provided a good grounding in scientific methodology and discipline, which gave me the tools I need to carry out conservation research."

 Samantha Decombel, BSc Genetics

"I am currently running my own company... as a result of support I received from the University of Birmingham."