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Learn more about life at Birmingham Business School by reading and talking directly to those who have experienced it for themselves via our Alumni map. Our Alumni Ambassadors allow you to connect directly with our graduates for first-hand experience of all that the Business School has to offer, whilst our Alumni Career Profiles catch up with our graduates to find out about the careers and successes they have gone on to achieve.

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MBA Alumni Ambassadors 

This network has been developed to enable prospective and current MBA students to connect directly with recent graduates from our MBA programmes who have fully experienced what the Business School, University and city of Birmingham has to offer. 

Speaking directly to our Alumni can assist you in your decision making process as to why Birmingham Business School is the right choice for your continued education and they look forward to answering your questions about Birmingham Business School academics, student life, career advancement and more.

'I was fortunate to receive offers to study for my MBA at a number of business schools, however what clinched Birmingham was the recommendation given by an alumnus. We had similar backgrounds and we instantly connected - albeit via a Skype call to Afghanistan where I was working.

I was struck by his straightforward manner, directness and enthusiasm for the Birmingham MBA. His advice was pivotal in helping me decide and from that moment on I knew that Birmingham Business School was the destination for me.' David McGee, MBA International Business 2013

Please note that the alumni ambassadors do not form part of the Admissions Team, so cannot assess your chances of being accepted onto the course or answer questions regarding entry requirements, international visa requirements etc.  If you have any questions on these areas, please contact -

Some ambassadors currently have no contact details. This is currently being rectified and will be updated soon.

Catalina Lince Hinestroza

Country: Colombia
Degree: MBA International Business

Rashid Mohiuddin


Country: Singapore
Degree: Global MBA Singapore


Maureen Kwangwanya


Country: Malawi
Degree: MBA Global Banking and Finance


Adela Candela


Country: Mexico
Degree: MBA International Business


Nick Would


Country: UK
Degree: MBA Corporate Governance and Responsibility 


Pravitha Philip


Country: UK
Degree: MBA International Business


David Duan Xiaoming


Country: China
Degree: MBA Strategy and Procurement Management

Mike Le Quelenec


Country: UK (Birmingham)
Degree:  MBA International Business

James Shallcross

Country: UK (Manchester)
Degree:  MBA International Business

If you have difficulties getting in contact with any of our ambassadors, please let us know.