PhD Student Profiles

Inclusion on the web pages below is on a purely opt-in and self-selection basis, so this section only shows a small subset of all registered PhD students.

Accounting and Finance

  • Ahmad Alkhataybeh
    Corporate governance, Equity Markets
  • Vladimir Pazitka
    Equity analyst recommendations, Equity derivatives, Portfolio risk management
  • Gabriela Cecylia Rozenfeld
    Management accounting and management control systems, Corporate governance, Inter-organisational relations (IORs)
  • Madlen Sobkowiak
    Social and Environmental Accounting, Corporate governance, Public sector accountability
  • Lokman Tutuncu
    Management Buyouts, Earnings Management, Private Equity/Venture Capital
  • Maria Ulpah
    Corporate Finance, Firm Dynamic, Financial Constraints
  • Dan Zhou
    Corporate finance, Event study, Abnormal operating performance, Propensity score matching



  • Shabneez Bhankaraully
    Human Resource Management, Global Political Economy and Capitalism, Work, Employment and Industrial Relations
  • Emma Gardner
    Business and Professional Services, Knowledge Intensive Services, Commoditization
  • Zhongzhen (Edward) Miao
    National Innovation System studies, Sectoral Innovation System studies, Bottom-Up Innovation in different innovation systems, Global Value Chain studies in chain upgrading
  • Rebecca Stanyer
    Consumption markets and culture, Sociology of food and eating, New technology and the workplace, Gender in organisations
  • Amir Qamar
    Kaizen Methods, Total Quality Management, Productivity, Innovation, Technological Progress
  • Bersisa Berri
    Knowledge sharing and Integration, Knowledge management strategies and organisational performance, Intellectual Capital, Human Resources Development
  • Muntasir Shami
    Lean Operations, Lean Construction, Business Improvement, Operations Research in Supply Chains, Supply Chain development in SMEs in Emerging Markets
  • Pei Ling, Liao
    Creative clusters, Cultural clusters, CCI cluster policy, Eastern Asian cities
  • Ibrahim Rufai
    Communication Technologies, Social Shaping, SMEs Business Performance
  • Vasilisa Takoeva
    Leadership, Leadership development and managerial learning, Organisational development
  • Bushra Al-Busaidi
    Culture, Globalisation
  • Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal
    Comparative research looking at UK general practice and management
  • Ali Esfahbodi
    Technology Management and Sustainable Development, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Industrial Systems and Industrial Sustainability
  • Xiaocong Yang
    Pension issues, Aging issues in China, Aging health and conomic policy
  • Jen Nie Chan
    Export Management, Strategy Flexibility, Cross Cultural Management and International Business Management
  • Peter Adetunji
    Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity, Strategy and Development
  • Wu Wei
    Microfinance, Inclusive Finance, Social Enterprise, Community Development
  • Shaker Aladwan
    Total Quality Management (TQM), Excellence Management (EM), Institutional Development (ID), Service Quality (SQ), Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Lea Samek
    Productivity, Health, The role of women in economic growth
  • Kai Zhao
    The distribution of creative economy and its economic impact in EU, The interactive and combined effects of creative class, human capital and other intangible assets to regional economic growth.
  • Christian Darko
    Wage inequalities in the labour market particularly developing countries, FDI in developing countries


  • Linh Truong
    Social Marketing, Multi-cultural Marketing
  • Joachim Freudenberg
    Industrial Engineering, Product Development, Innovation Management
  • Mohammed Alhashem
    Prosumption,  Value co-creation,  Consumer empowerment,  Online communities
  • Nasir Salari
    Innovation; High-tech products; Innovation Management; New product development
  • Nora Ramadan
    Headquarters-subsidiary relationships; MNC knowledge transfer; Social capital
  • Nicola Gittins
    eWOM, Digital marketing communications, Power of social media to influence reputational value
  • Paulo Mora-Avila
    New technologies and interactive communication media; Global brands marketing strategies; Multicultural Marketing
  • Rose Narooz
    International Business; Strategic Management; International Marketing
  • Yeshika Alversia
    Consumer behaviour, role model effects, customer engagement, shopper marketing, impulse buying behaviour
  • Zhi Li
    Technology Transfer; Marketing; Innovation; Engineering Business