MSc Business Scholarship Profiles

Birmingham Business School offers a small number of scholarships for students on the MSc Business programmes to reward outstanding academic achievement. The awards are based on merit and the financial support offered contributes towards tuition fees.

Find out from the students themselves what receiving an MSc Business Scholarship means to them.

Our 13-14 Scholars


Left to right: Valerie Onyia, Giulia Giunti, Ann-Kathrin Hirzel, Sahithya Shetty, Sahidul Haque, Kiran Sajid, Ita Arinmah

Valerie Onyia, Nigeria - MSc Human Resource Management (With CIPD Pathway)

Valerie Onyia

“I was really ecstatic when I got the email to say I had been given the scholarship. Being awarded the scholarship has had a more profound impact on my life personally by reinforcing my self-confidence and being a role model to my peers and siblings.

It is not just an award that marks me as an outstanding candidate for advancement whilst achieving my academic goals, but it also helps me to motivate prospective students to focus on their studies."

Giulia Giunti, Italy - MSc Human Resource Management (With CIPD Pathway)

“Receiving the news that I had been selected for one of the MSc Business School scholarships made me very happy. It was such a pleasant surprise.

What I really appreciated was the serious attitude with which the University of Birmingham takes into account previous students' academic merits as well as motivation and broad experiences.

This helped me in being more self-confident and in achieving my goals.” 

Ann-Kathrin Hirzel, Germany - MSc Investments

Ann-Kathrin Hirzel

“Receiving the MSc Business scholarship is a great honour for me. This remarkable award is not only a financial relief, it enables me to receive extra recognition by my future employers.

This achievement motivates me to be more studious in order to participate successfully in my Master’s programme. The scholarship application process was very straightforward and a model for the excellent organisation at the Birmingham Business School.

Winning a scholarship was such a great opportunity for me and I encourage every student to apply for it.”

Sahithya Shetty, India - MSc Marketing Communications

I was truly honoured and grateful to have been awarded a scholarship for my Master’s degree and I feel fortunate to be recognized amongst the many well-qualified applicants. 

Receiving this scholarship has motivated me even further to focus and work hard towards my goals while making the most of my experience here, at the University of Birmingham."

Sahidul Haque, UK - MSc International Accounting & Finance

“Receiving a scholarship from the University of Birmingham has been a very motivating and uplifting experience for me.

After achieving First Class Honours for my undergraduate degree, I had considered enrolling on a Master's course; although I was not entirely convinced that I had enough motivation and drive to complete another year of intensive studying.

Receiving the scholarship however, changed my frame of mind entirely. After being informed that I had received the award, I now want to prove to the University that they have indeed made the right choice. I intend to do this by achieving the best grades that I can possibly achieve.” 

Kiran Sajid, India - MSc International Business

"It's been a pleasure winning the scholarship for my MSc in International Business from such a reputed university of Great Britain.

This opportunity has not only helped me to manage my finances but has built up confidence in me to work harder and excel in studies.

I would like to thank the management of the University of Birmingham  for choosing me for this honour and providing me the best environment and faculty in my Business School. "

Ita Arinmah, Nigeria - MSc International Accounting & Finance

Ita Arinmah

“When I applied for the scholarship, I was quite doubtful that I would get it because the scholarships on offer were limited but it was exciting and overwhelming to learn that I was one of the recipients of the Africa scholarship.

I was initially considering deferring my masters for a year due to financial constraints but the scholarship I received definitely helped with lessening my financial burden.

Receiving this scholarship also gave me more self-confidence and motivation to face the academic and life challenges ahead because a group of people saw something special in me and gave me the chance to further my education."

Our 12-13 Scholars

Receiving the news that I was a recipient of a scholarship from the Business School was a wonderful experience. It consolidated my confidence in the task ahead and made me more determined to achieve excellence on my MSc.

While reassuring me about my communication levels and academic performance so far, it also made me realise that the Scholarship Board had put a big responsibility on my shoulders and I should be not only achieving but excelling on my academic journey.”  Stefania Giovanniello, MSc Human Resource Management CIPD, Italy

The MSc Business Scholarship has had a tremendous effect on my studies. Firstly, it made it possible for me to concentrate on my studies, without the need to look for a part-time job to sustain myself while in school.

Secondly, employers highly regard the scholarship and it gives me an added advantage.”  Titilope Abatan, MSc Investments, Nigeria

This award will alleviate the financial pressure of pursuing higher education and help me to achieve my academic goals.

I am enjoying every minute of my course and University life; friendly and exciting international atmosphere in addition to a fantastic teaching team and very helpful University staff and facilities.”  Vera Lapotskina, MSc International Business, Estonia