Programmes with Business Management

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Today's business is increasingly multidisciplinary in nature. There are enormous advantages in combining knowledge of modern business with science, engineering or law.

The Business School delivers various programmes in partnerships with other departments of the University. One third of your degree will be in business management.

Knowledge of business is the key to a wide variety of careers. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements of business management, and the role of business in economic success.

Science and Engineering programmes with Business Management

In a world which relies on science-based industry there is clearly a need for graduates with the knowledge and skills of the professional scientist combined with a good understanding of the nature and organisation of the business world.

The programme gives you a firm grounding in business strategy, marketing and business development, organisation and management systems, finance and accounting, and essential aspects of entrepreneurship and enterprise.

The following programmes are currently available:

dual programmes
UCAS Code   Programme 
G1N2   BSc/MSci Mathematics with Business Management 
F1N1  BSc/MSci Chemistry with Business Management 
F3N1/F3NC  BSc/MSci Physics with Business Management 
H2NC  BEng/MEng Civil Engineering with Business Management 
J5NC  BEng/MEng Material Science & Engineering with Business Management 
G4N1  BEng/MEng Computer Science with Business Management 
H8ND  BEng/MEng Chemical Engineering with Business Mgt 
HN61  BEng/MEng Electronic Engineering with Business Mgt 
G9NC  BEng/MEng Computer Interactive Systems with Business Mgt 
H1NC  BEng/MEng Computer Systems Engineering with Business Mgt 
H640  BEng/MEng Communications Systems Engineering with Business Mgt
R9N1  BA Modern Languages with Business Management 
NT17  BSc Business and American Studies 
LLB Bachelor of Laws: Law with Business Management

(UCAS code MN11)

There are many close connections between the law and modern business enterprise. Lawyers acting for commercial clients can benefit from an understanding of organisations, their management and the way they structure their activities. People in business can benefit from a sound knowledge of the law, particularly those branches which affect industry and commerce.

This popular programme gives you a thorough grounding in the law and the disciplines and constraints it imposes on business practice. You will study alongside students in our BSc Business Management programme.

The course gives you a firm grounding in industrial economics, marketing, development, organisation and management systems, finance and accounting, and you will be able to choose from a selection of specialist areas including human resource management, change and quality management and brand management, and entrepreneurship and enterprise.