Professor Andy Lymer inaugural lecture

G15 Muirhead Ground Floor Building R21
Social Sciences, Vice Chancellor
Wednesday 9th October 2013 (16:30-17:30)
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Will we ever get a fair tax system?

The design of reforms to tax systems that will be fair to taxpayers is a political ‘hot potato’ at present given the focus on government revenue in this time of financial austerity. This includes both taxation of individuals (e.g. levels of income taxation, consumption taxes like VAT and excise duties and wealth taxes like capital gains tax and inheritance tax) but also recent interest has peaked in company taxation (Starbucks, Google, Amazon etc) and whether they are contributing their fair share of tax for the income they are able to make in the UK.

This lecture will seek to paint a picture of how tax systems are designed to try to deal with competing and often conflicting needs of different taxpayers as politicians and civil servants look to evolve and reform a complex tax system like that found in the UK. It will seek to address the question – ‘will we ever get a fair tax system?’


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