Internal Seminars

Academic Year 2013 - 2014

Internal Seminars take place (unless otherwise stated) on Mondays 12:00-13:00 in Economics Seminar Room C of the J.G. Smith building with a buffet lunch.

students at event

First term

Monday 7th October - Marco Ercolani
“Ladies and Gentlemen, is it worth it? An analysis of the financial consequences of investing in a medical degree”

Monday 14th October - Giovanna d’Adda
“A Fish Rots From the Head: The Effects of Leadership on Unethical Conduct” (with D. Darai and R. Weber)

Monday 21st October - Michael Henry
“Does Ethnic Composition Matter for Degree Attainment? Evidence from Undergraduate Cohorts at the University of Birmingham”

Monday 28th October - Marta Guerriero
"Democracy and the Labour Share of Income. A Cross-Country Analysis”

Monday 4th November - Marco Barassi
"Volatility spillovers from the US to emerging markets"

Monday 11th November - Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay
“Ideological Dissent in Downsian Politics“

Monday 18th November - Hector Solaz
"An experiment on entitlement and willingness to redistribute".
(with Prof. Raymond Duch, from Nuffield College, University of Oxford)

Monday 25th November - Pei Kuang
“Learning about Trends and Business Cycle Fluctuations”

Monday 2nd December - Amalia di Girolamo
“Characterizing Financial and Statistical Literacy” (work joint with Glenn W. Harrison, Morten I. Lau and J. Todd Swarthout)

Monday 9th December - John Conley
“Dixit-Stiglitz approaches to international trade: Enough is enough” (Work joint with Robert Driskill)

Second term

Monday 13th January - Afrasiab Mirza

Monday 20th January - Roger Backhouse
“How Paul Samuelson’s Foundations of Economic Analysis came to be”

Monday 27th January - Yao Yao
“Offshoring and labour income risk: an empirical investigation”

Monday 3rd February - Facundo Albornoz
"Importing after exporting"

Monday 10th February - Joanne Ercolani
“An Averaged Weighted Periodogram Estimator”

Monday 17th February - Jayasri Dutta
“A Gaussian approach to common knowledge” (Work joint with H. Polemarchakis) This paper considers a world where two agents use private information to forecast the same random variable and when and whether the forecasts are common knowledge.

Monday 24th February - David Dickinson
"Portfolio behaviour of UK households"

Monday 3rd March - Anindya Banerjee
Anindya Banerjee “Structural FECM: Cointegration in large-scale structural FAVAR models”(joint work with Massimiliano Marcellino (Bocconi University and CEPR ) and Igor Masten (University of Ljubljana))

Monday 10th March - Matt Cole
“Natural Disasters and the Birth, Life and Death of Plants: The Case of the Kobe Earthquake”

Monday 17th March - Jane Binner
“A direct role for money in the IS curve?" (work joint with Rakesh Bissoondeeal and Michail Karaglou at Aston Business School).

Monday 24th March - William Pouliot
“Pollution, Mortality and Optimal Environmental Policy”