PhD Workshops

Social Work students in lecture theatre

phd workshops
24/10/2013 Ruanmin Cao Parametric portfolio policy
31/10/2013 Ben Jones Climate change mitigation, adaptation and the green paradox: environmental spillovers & capital markets
07/11/2013 Meng Tong The geographical distribution of manufacturing China
14/11/2013 Alexandros Rigos Can social group-formation norms influence behaviour?
21/11/2013 Jing Du The determinants of political connections: analysis from unlisted firms in China
28/11/2013 Enrico Vanino The impact of innovation on trade margins: evidence from French firms
05/12/2013 Allan Beltran Estimating the eonomic benefits of flood risk reduction: a meta-analysis approach from the housing market
12/12/2013 Sener Salci Impacts of dynamic electricity pricing on the electricity market: application of RTP in Cyprus
16/01/14 Yan Cen Chinese city size distribution and city grow pattern 
23/01/2014 Giovanni Occhiali A firm level analysis of the productivity cost of power outages in Sub Saharan Africa
30/01/2014 Marios Demetriades Research funding allocation: who gets the money?
06/02/2014 Bing Liu The impact of diplomatic visits on China's international trade
13/02/2014 Marea Sing Estimating the structural burden/bonus using stochastic non-smooth envelopment of data and structural decompositions
20/02/2014 Rong Huang Bank insolvency risk and Z-scores
27/02/2014 Daniel Derbyshire Internet auctions, reputation and market efficiency
06/03/2014 Graeme Pearce Group behaviour and individual reciprocity
13/03/2014 Mary Dawood Towards an improved econometric approach to modelling an early warning system for financial crises
20/03/14 Sofia Amaral Identity in local politics and health in urban India
27/03/2014 Marco Giansoldati Financial constraints and global engagement: are Chinese Listed firms different?
01/05/2014 Sashka Stoedinova The relationship between R&D stock of knowledge and firm performance in terms of its market indicators: size, export, productivity, efficiency, and financial ones: market value, and profitability, in the UK and China
08/05/2014 KJ Jeong The sustainability of public debt
15/05/2014 Maria Kozlovskaya Cooperation with end-effect in finitely repeated prisoner's dilemma: an experiment
22/05/2014 Juste Abramovaite The determinants of crime in the EU15 and A8 countries