PhD Workshops

Social Work students in lecture theatre

phd workshops
09/10/2014 Cansu Unver  
16/10/2014 Daniel Derbyshire  
23/10/2014 Benjamin Jones  
30/10/2014 Marea Sing  
06/11/2014 Charles Rahal  
13/11/2014 Giovanni Occhiali  
20/11/2014 Ruanmin Cao  
27/11/2014 Neha Prashar  
04/12/2014 Aima Tahir  
11/12/2014 Tong Zhu  
15/01/2015  Vanino Antidumping measures against Chinese products: a curse or a blessing for European industries?
22/01/2015  Amaral Women in law enforcement
 29/01/2015  Beltran Estimating the benefits of flood risk reduction. A repeated sales approach from the English housing market
05/02/2015 Carvalho  An Investigation on Societal Inequality Aversion in Western Europe
12/02/2015   Liu (B) The impact of diplomatic visits on China's FDI and trade 
19/02/2015  Zhao M-GARCH model selection: an application to forecast systematic risk in the U.S. stock market
26/02/2015   Zhang  
05/03/2015   Juste Waiting for justice: crime rates and waiting times to trial
12/03/2015  Wang Modelling Tail Risk of Financial Time Series by Hidden Markov 
19/03/2015   Liu (1140705) Measuring systemic risk spillovers using CoVaR 
26/03/2015  Dawood  The Performance of different Econometric techniques for modelling Early Warning Systems for Financial Crises