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Professor Alessandra Guariglia, Head of Department -  The Department of Economics is committed to research and teaching excellence. Its faculty focuses on experimental, financial, international, environmental, as well as other branches of economics. Most of the courses offered are research-led, and all of them offer a high level of employability and opportunities.”


Explore and understand the economic issues affecting political and current affairs.


Taught and research degrees to provide academic excellence and vocational relevance.


A PhD Programme fully accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council.

  • Degree programmes and courses
    The Department of Economics offers a number of degree programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as an active PhD programme fully accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).
  • Top ranked Economics BSc programme
    BSc Economics at Birmingham is consistently highly ranked. Graduating from a highly ranked department means that your degree remains highly regarded within the global employment market and enhances your portfolio, allowing you to boost your career, and command a higher salary.
  • Birmingham Experimental Economics Laboratory
    Conducting research into how people make their decisions to help better understand market choice and behaviour and how this impacts society; find out more.
  • Research clusters
    Research in the department is organised into a number of research groups including:  Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory and Applications and Trade, Environment, Development and Energy (TEDE)

Nobel Prize winner Professor Al Roth visited the University of Birmingham to give a guest lecture (left) and Tongzhou Lei discussed studying Money Banking and Finance BSc at Birmingham Business School.

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