Trade Energy and Environment

Group Leader: Dr David Maddison

The group’s focus is on empirical and theoretical aspects of the economics of the environment, international trade and energy. Specific attention is given to the interactions between these fields of economics and the policy implications that result. Work within the group has been funded by bodies including the European Union, the Economic and Social Research Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Leverhulme Trust and also contributes to the output of the University’s Institute for Energy Research and Policy.

Specialist Areas of Research:

Cole and Elliott’s work falls under the broad heading of the ‘Economics of Globalisation’. More specifically, it examines the environmental impact of liberalised trade and investment flows; the impact of environmental regulations on such trade and investment flows; the determinants of firm and industry level environmental performance; the linkages between environmental regulations and labour markets; and general linkages between industrial activity and the environment.

Maddison’s work deals with economic valuation especially of climate change impacts; environmental policy and the EU emissions trading scheme; environment and health; transport and the environment; and spatial econometrics applied to environmental datasets.

Green’s work concentrates on energy issues and in particular the electricity industry. He models price setting in wholesale markets, and investment decisions by generating companies. He has studied the effects of differing charges for electricity transmission, and the impact of emissions trading on the industry.

Kendall’s work deals with theoretical aspects of international trade and foreign direct investment. Recent work has focused on the choice between greenfield investment and international mergers and acquisitions, the effects of regional integration on this choice and public policy towards FDI.

Ryan's recent work had focused two key strands; (1). The theory of trade induced mergers, the impact of globalization on such mergers and the implications for competition regulation and 2. Trade in Financial Services and the influence of the GATS and BASEL II agreements.

Recent Activities:

The group meets 4 to 5 times per term to hold seminars presented by both internal and external speakers. Group members have also been very active disseminating research results at recent international conferences including; the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Kyoto, Japan; the European Trade Study Group Meeting, Vienna, Austria; the European Association of Labour Economists Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, International Economic Association Congress, Marrakech, Morocco;

Group members have also acted as specialist advisors to the Trade and Industry Committee of the House of Commons, and to the European Commission.


Please click on each group member’s name to see their publications on their personal pages:

  • Matthew Cole
  • Robert Elliott
  • David Maddison
  • Richard Green
  • Toby Kendall
  • Cillian Ryan