Only The Brave

Choosing a reputable degree

audrey wong - bsc international businessIt was Audrey Wong's love for travel and culture that led her to SIM Global Education (GE).

Another important factor that influenced her academic choice was the school’s strong brand name in Singapore.

Audrey had the pick of the crop from the variety of degree choices but she gravitated towards a UK-based degree with the University of Birmingham (UoB), attracted by its reputation.

Her programme of choice – International Business. “Employers are confident of the standards set by the University of Birmingham. In all the job interviews I’ve been to, the mere mention of the university’s name has always given my credibility a boost,” she reveals.

The ‘real’ classroom

A bright student, Audrey shares candidly that her favourite learning experiences have come not within the confines of her lecture theatres, but from practical application of theories.

In fact, the term “application” seemed to be a “buzz word” that would come up many times during our chat with Audrey. She relates a memorable group project in her Entrepreneurship module at SIM GE, where each group was tasked with crafting and presenting a viable business plan. Peers would vote for their favourites, turning a straightforward group project into an exciting battle of wits and pride.

Audrey experienced first hand what it was like to be thrust into a working environment where answers were not found in her textbooks, instead requiring “out of the box” thinking.

Working with members of different nationalities also taught her the value of crosscultural communication while she learnt how to juggle the different working styles of each group member.

It was her first valuable lesson in gearing her up for the working world, where her new found skills could be applied directly into her future work.

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