Taylor Made Success

Dan Taylor graduated in 2010 with a degree in Business Management with Communications BSc. He spared us five minutes out of his busy day to let us know what he’s up to now.

“My current business is called The Giving Card, which I set up in November 2010. I saw how big voucher schemes were getting and decided to create something similar that would also benefit charities. Right now we’re working with around 5,000 companies across the country, but that should double fairly soon.”

From humble beginning’s Dan’s company now employs six full-time staff and they’re currently recruiting a Business Development team of around 15 to scour the country identifying quality businesses to partner with.

“It has all gone better than expected so far. We started off working towards the business plan that we drew up for our investors, but as we’ve met and exceeded our targets it’s gone out of the window! Not that it’s all plain sailing, I can sometimes work a 20 hour day and today I took a 10 hour round trip to attend a 40 minute meeting. But it’s worth all the effort because I’m my own boss, and this is my company."”

The Giving Card is primarily web-based – take a look at their site at www.thegivingcard.co.uk<http://www.thegivingcard.co.uk> to get an idea of the scale of Dan’s business. Or check back in early June when the site, the entire customer facing side of his business, will have had a major overhaul.

“Thanks to the web you can start a business pretty much anywhere these days. It also means you can be up and running really quickly. I’m busy launching a sister brand called Sayve at the moment. It’s a similar concept to The Giving Card but aimed solely at the business-to-business market. The best part about it is I can use most of the same partner businesses I’m already working with.”

Finally, we asked Dan what advice he would give to current students:

“I would definitely recommend getting involved with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team. It was the best thing I did at university. I got two job offers from blue chip companies after graduation and both cited my entrepreneurial drive and experience as a key reason why they wanted to employ me. It doesn”t matter if you don”t have the most original idea for a business in the world, what matters is that youre having a go.”