Partnership for the Planet: Legal Wisdom and Business Innovation Guest Speaker Event


Can the corporate world stop inflicting severe environmental damage without legislation? Will the majority of businesses be inspired by examples of best practice?

These are just two of the questions which will be tackled at an upcoming event at Birmingham Business School. The ‘Partnership for the Planet: Legal Wisdom and Business Innovation’ guest speaker event, being held on Thursday 14th March 2013, will look at the major problems that we are currently facing, the like and scale of which we have never before encountered, including manmade climate change, resource scarcity and its associated conflicts, loss of forests and topsoil, and extensive pollution of oceans and fresh water bodies.

The event will feature two guest speakers; Polly Higgins, a barrister specialising in corporate law before she developed the idea of eradicating ecocide and Steve Giles, environmental manager at Metsec, the UK market leader in light weight steel construction systems who in 2004 decided to reduce its carbon footprint.

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