Doctoral Researcher at Birmingham Business School wins 'Best PhD Paper'

A Doctoral Researcher from Birmingham Business School was recently awarded at an international event focussing on high performance manufacturing from a global perspective.

Ali Esfahbodi, a researcher in the Department of Management, was awarded ‘Best PhD Paper’ for his work, entitled ‘An Integrated Framework to assess the Impact of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices on Firms’ Performance’, at the Ninth International Symposium on Global Manufacturing and China.

(l-r) Professor Simon Collinson, Ali Esfahbodi, Professor Sir Mike Gregory

Ali has previously completed an MSc in Engineering Management at the University of Birmingham and his research interests include Technology Management and Sustainable Development, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, and Sustainable Industrial Systems and Industrial Sustainability.

The award was presented by Dean of Birmingham Business School, Professor Simon Collinson, and Professor Sir Mike Gregory, Head of the Manufacturing and Management Division of the University of Cambridge.