Dr Pamela Robinson discusses self service checkout theft on BBC radio

This week it has been reported that billions of items are being stolen from supermarket self service checkouts. On average it has been estimated that shoppers admit to stealing £15 each a month through the tills.

Dr Pamela Robinson from the Department of Management featured on BBC 5 Live radio this week to discuss the issue and offer her expert opinion.

Pam discusses the limitations of the self service technology, highlighting the problems involved in fruit and vegetable self scanning, and whether there needs to be a balance between having “too much self service and not any human interaction”.

During the interview, Pam also highlights that this theft has an effect on the retail cost of products.

The interview is available for a limited time on the BBC iPlayer; 5 Live Drive 30/01/2014 (feature starts at 01:24:50, Dr Robinson features from 01:25:40)

Dr Pamela Robinson was previously employed in the retail sector in a number of senior management roles, with responsibility for buying and marketing of food products. Pam's research interests include global political economy, corporate social responsibility and governance and self-regulation in global supply chains.