'Leadership in Urban and Regional Development' research seminar

On the 5-6 February 2014, academics from a number of national and international universities converged onto the University of Birmingham campus for the RSA International Research Seminar on ‘Leadership in Urban and Regional Development: Debates and New Directions’.

Dr John Gibney from the Department of Management was the convenor for the seminar which focussed on a shared passion for leadership of place: cities, conurbations, rural areas and regions.

The two day event featured a number of talks on different matters including:

  • how to enhance collaboration, institutional reform and joint learning to help make a place more resilient.
  • what is the place of leadership in regional economic development?
  • the four forces constraining leadership of place; economic, government, socio-cultural and environment.
  • sub-national economic development policy in England.

The feeling among the attendees was that it had been successful in bringing people together and detailing the limits and variety of leadership of place, however in the future there needs to be a move towards more firm theoretical foundations.

View a more detailed account of this research seminar; Leadership in Urban and Regional Development: Debates and New Directions (pdf)