The importance of reputation building and management

A recent survey has indicated that reputation building and management is an important part of business since many consumers now consider the reputation of the company when buying a product.

Birmingham Business School’s Professor Stephen Brammer says that as much as a quarter to half of the market value of the world’s leading corporations can be attributed to reputation.

Professor Brammer’s research looks at firm-stakeholder relationships, the strategic management of these, and their impacts upon company performance and reputation.

When looking at Asian economies, it was found that with regards to the value of retaining a good reputation within, companies in the Asian market are lagging behind when it comes to developing and managing reputational capital.

As well as being Professor of Strategy and Faculty Director at Birmingham Business School, Professor Brammer also teaches in Singapore as part of the School’s partnership with SIM Global Education (SIM GE), and this summer will be teaching the International Business Strategy module as part of the MSc International Business programme.