Dr Ferran Vendrell-Herrero

Lecturer in Managerial Economics

The Department of Business and Labour Economics


Contact details

Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Ferran’s research takes an economic perspective and he has a strong preference for quantitative methodologies. His research outputs have focused on two areas: Evaluation of policies concerning industrial and venture promotion, and the crisis of the creative industries. Those interests were developed thanks to the opportunity of working with multidisciplinary teams in different institutions, including Spanish and UK universities, research centers and private companies. These research efforts are published in leading journals. In February 2011, Ferran took his first lecturer position in business economics in Barcelona Tech (Spain) and joined the Birmingham Business School in September 2013. He is currently co-editing a special issue on servitization in the International Journal of Production Economics.



(07 02953) Introduction to Economics (1st year UG)

(07 24111) Intermediate Business Economics and the macroeconomy (2nd Year UG)


Research outputs have focused on two areas:

  1. Evaluation of policies concerning industrial and venture promotion such as university spin-offs and cluster associations. This involves the measurement of firm performance, productivity, and venture capital attraction both longitudinally and cross-section. This research follows usual scientific methodology comparing treatment and control groups of firms. Research on this topic has been published in Regional Studies, Small Business Economics and Venture Capital.
  2. Creative industries contain relevant sectors of the economy such as cinema, music and books, which are struggling given the digitalization of their resources. This directly affects the value of their existing and future catalogues. Therefore, this research line pursues to understand the influence of non-legitimate downloading (i.e. piracy) in aggregate industrial revenues, with especial attention to the music industry. In addition, it also involves the evaluation of digital business models and the shifts in the supply chain structure of those sectors, phenomenon also described as servitization in creative industries. Research on this topic has been published in International Journal of Production Economics, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Change and Industrial Management and Data Systems.


Other activities


  • Scientific Director of the International Conference on Business Servitization



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