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The Department of Procurement and Operations Management


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Birmingham Business School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Mark is a senior lecturer in project and operations management. Previously, he worked at the University of Bristol and University of Bath. Apart from operations and project management, he has also taught change and innovation management, organizational theory and research methods, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. His current area of research is in behaviours in response to risk in projects. He is also interested in public sector projects, public-private partnerships and sustainability.

At Bristol, he was a member of the Action Research and Critical Inquiry in Organisations Research Centre (ARCIO) and remains an external member of this Centre.


  • BSc (Hons)
  • PhD


  • BSc Module in Project Management
  • MBA (Singapore) Module in Operations Management

Postgraduate supervision

Mark is interested in supervising PhDs in the field of project management, with a focus on risk and opportunity management and theoretical perspectives on practitioner behaviour.


Book Contributions

Hall, M. and Holt, R. (2008) New public management in the UK: the case of project sponsors. In: P. Windrum and P. Koch (eds). Innovation in public services: Management, creativity, and entrepreneurship. London: Edward Elgar.

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Journal Articles

Kutsch, E. and Hall, M. (2014) A Culture of resilience: Preparing for the unexpected, Cutter IT Journal, forthcoming.

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