Links with Industry

Students at Birmingham Business School have worked on consultancy projects with leading companies such as: Hobbs, Beiersdorf, Cogent Elliot, PC World, Jaguar Cars, Aston Villa FC, Cadbury, Green and Black’s, Barnardo’s, KLM, Reckitt Beckizer etc.

At the beginning of each academic year, companies provide the School with a list of projects that students could take on, as part of their dissertation module.

MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting and MSc Marketing Communications programmes students can apply to do a company topic dissertation which links directly to a CLIENT’S research problem. It also gives students the unique chance to present their findings to companies at a senior level.

This is a great opportunity for students to come into contact with “real-life” marketing problems, gain valuable experience and build their network of contacts for future career prospects.

‘I’ve grown up from book knowledge to professional activity. I can really discuss marketing with a £100 million business and other large companies.  I’ve gone from business student to business manager in double quick time!’
Ziqian Shen, MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

For companies, getting students involved means acquiring specialist marketing consultancy with a High Value/ Low Cost Impact on their organisation:

“We wanted an outsider’s perspective, impartiality and the students met our expectations, 100%. An unexpected benefit was how their activity actually generated more customers from the younger age group.” 
Hobbs – Project Co-ordinator

“The work we got from the students has already been used in our presentation at Event UK, very helpful!”

Big Cat Marketing – Managing Director

Company projects included:

  • Exploring how user generated content on a social media platform can impact on brand awareness and image. -  Jaguar Cars
  • Researching customer behaviour, loyalty, barriers and profile development - Hobbs Ltd.
  • Measuring perceptions of French wines in UK high street bars/restaurants - Matthew Clark Wines
  • Evaluation of experiential marketing of the CSI event in Birmingham – Big Cat Marketing
  • Understanding how UK females use digital touchpoints for health and beauty – Beiersdorf
  • Increasing engagement with the student market – PC World
  • Brand equity evaluation – Summit Medical