MSc Projects

As an MSc Marketing Programme student we are able to offer you the opportunity to engage with many companies to gain valuable work experience. During this time you will be able to gain valuable employability skills. 

You will be able to work within a company carrying out a project with specific targets for the company.


Start and end dates for projects and placements

We run both projects and placements.

The projects run in conjunction with the students’ dissertations. The primary research that is undertaken for the company will form the basis of the academic dissertation. The student will also produce a report and/or presentation for the company. The student will receive an academic supervisor who will guide both the project and dissertation.

The dissertation based project runs from approximately April to early September. It would be expected that you would be available for around two days a week during this time but this can be negotiated.

The placements are work experience based opportunities where the student can undertake a smaller project for the company and gain employment skills.

The placements run from approximately September to December. These dates can be more flexible depending on company needs. The student can work with the company as required.

Types of companies that you can expect to work for 


We engage with a wide variety of companies from small marketing consultancies to voluntary organisations to multi- national companies and large public sector organisations.

Areas of marketing that the projects and placements cover

The projects are based around a marketing/ communications consultancy project. Examples of the type of project that can be undertaken include:

  • Investigating the size and structure of markets (either UK or overseas).
  • Consumer attitudes towards products, services, brands or organisations.
  • Competitor analysis – understanding strategies, markets and performance.
  • New market potential – exploring the business potential for new product or service ideas.
  • Evaluating a client’s on-line or off-line marketing strategy, relative to competitors and/or relative to benchmark organizations in other sectors.
  • Identifying and planning marketing communication campaigns – identifying appropriate media, targets, message and timing.
  • Researching best practice or case study examples of company strategies in particular market sectors

The placements can cover any area of marketing and as they take place over a shorter timescale the project is generally smaller. Placements may include marketing areas such as the use of social media, new product markets, retail best practice, customer segmentation, target market analysis, retail strategy, health service policy, local government strategy and not-for- profit marketing. 

Information for students

Clarification of any remuneration and expenses

The projects/ placements are work experience based therefore you will not be remunerated with a wage. However, if you have to travel for the company you will receive travel, accommodation and subsistence related expenses. For example, if you have to travel to London for 2 days to study best practice or to travel abroad.

Explanation of what the output will look like for both the project and the placements

The expected outcome of the projects would be a report and/ or presentation on the project area.

For the projects this would be in addition to your academic dissertation.

Summary of the key benefits for MSc Marketing students

The key benefit is that you are able to put into practise your consultancy skills on a real company project.  You will also gain valuable work experience and develop your employability skills.

How do we select students?

We select students for the projects based on their academic attainment and their CV. In addition we and/or the company may interview students for the project.

For the placements we can initially select students based on their CV’s. The company would then normally interview their preferred candidates.

Who may apply for the projects/ placements?

Only those students who have completed the Consultancy Skills module may apply for the projects.

Any student from any of the MSc Marketing Programmes may apply for the placements.

How do students apply for the projects/ placements?

For the projects you will be asked to complete a dissertation project form in January/ February listing your preferred choice of companies.

The placements are offered by companies on an ad hoc basis. When we have a confirmed placement we will communicate this to your via your bham e-mail and on this website. For the placements you will apply either via Dr. Sarah Montano or to the company direct.