Forthcoming Events

MBA Executive Open Evening

Tuesday 6th September 2016
Atrium - Alan Walters Building
Meet some of our Academics, get one-to-one advice and programme information and learn more about what you can expect from studying an MBA at Birmingham

Cybercrime workshop: Police Knowledge fund

Monday 19th September 2016
Allan Walters Building
Speakers: Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, David Hicks, Nir Tolkovsky, Craig Hughes, DI Rob Harris, DCI Sean Paley, David Benford

20th Annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference

Thursday 20th October 2016
Birmingham B5 5SE, Digbeth, Fazeley Studios
Don't miss out on the minority business event of the year's 20th annual conference!

Maxwell Fry Global Finance Lecture: Professor David Miles

Wednesday 26th October 2016
David Miles is Professor of Financial Economics at Imperial College Business School. Further details on this event, including registration details and location, will follow in due course.
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Previous Events


1st July - Inaugural workshop of Centre for Crime, Justice and Policing

28th-29th June - Makers workshop: A new manufacturing model for Europe

24th June - Economic Growth and Development: From a Historical Perspective

24th-26th June - 28th Annual SASE Conference: Moral Economies, Economic Moralities

23rd June - REF Impact Case Studies: 'Looking Back and Looking Forward'

15th June - The Five @ Five - A Financial Resilience Cluster event

15th-17th June - RSA North America Conference: Cities and Regions: Managing Growth and Change

10th June - Enhancing Rigour in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Business Studies

9th June - Carers Research Network Launch Event

8th June - Advancing the Growth Potential of Minority Led Businesses; Addressing the Management & Leadership Gap

8th June - Raise your Academic profile: How to contribute effectively to media channels

26th May - Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech: American and European Perspectives

26th May - Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech: American and European Perspectives

25th May - Workshop: Women in Academia

24th May - Habitus, doxa, and ethics: insights from advertising in emerging markets in the Middle East and North Africa, Consumption Markets & Culture

24th May - Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?

16th May - Strategic Decision-Making and Top Management Teams – Reconnecting the Separate Fields

12th May - Marie Curie Association Symposium

6th May - PhD Colloquium on Environmental and Energy Economics and Management

21st April - Disability and Entrepreneurship

19th April - Local food processing and supply: Challenges and Opportunities

18th-19th April - Money Macro and Finance PhD Workshop

14th April - Migration and Entrepreneurship International Conference

5th April - Sociology in and of Birmingham: Studying and Celebrating Diversity

2nd April - Executive MBA Open Day

23rd March - New arrival entrepreneurship - an opportunity for the Black Country

23rd March - Management Research Seminar - Dr Paul Tosey

22nd March - Access to Finance for Emerging Market Enterprises (SMEs)

21st March - Institution and Firm Innovation

21st March - Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Prof Marc Goergen

17th March - Relocalising food processing value chains

16th March - Management Research Seminar - Professor Photis Lysandrou

14th March - A Dynamic Factor Model of Interest Rate Pass Through for four Large Euro Area Countries

11th March - Workshop in Economic Theory

10th March - GVC Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Max Nathan

10th March - SME Success: Winning New Business

9th March - Dept of Economics External Seminar Series: Sujoy Mukerji

8th March - Covariance forecasting in European equity markets

7th March - In-house intangible capital; Firm-level evidence from UK manufacturing

7th March - Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Assistant Prof Philip Valta

2nd March - Gender and Class at Work

2nd March - Trade Union responses to the crisis: What options for solidarity?

2nd March - Dept of Economics External Seminar Series: Andreas Lange

2nd March - MBA Drop In Session

1st March - Econometrics Seminar Series: Real-Time Data should be used in Forecasting Output Growth and Recessionary Events in the US

29th February - Dept of Economics Internal Seminar Series: Dr Hector Solaz

24th February - Entrepreneurial mobility and global talent: China and international comparisons "Entrepreneurship and Talent Management" Book Launch Event

24th February - Management Research Seminar - Dr Michael Marinetto

24th February - Dept of Economics External Seminar Series: Ricardo Reis

23rd February - Econometrics Seminar Series: What Makes the Market Jump?

23rd February - Monetising losses and gains in biodiversity

22nd February - Dept of Economics Internal Seminar Series: Dr Amalia Di Girolamo

22nd February - Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Prof Arif Khurshed

17th February - Dept of Economics External Seminar Series: Kimberley Scharf

15th February - The Historical Rate of TFP Growth in Agriculture: 1690-1914

15th February - Institutional Investors and Corporate Political Activism

11th February - (Re)Combination for Innovation: How Chinese firms and Western MNEs Collaborate to Innovate

10th February - Highways, Market Access, and Urban Growth in China

9th February - Unconditional Transformed Likelihood Estimation of Time-Space Dynamic Panel Data Models

9th February - Birmingham Economic Society Invited Speaker - Philippe Aghion

8th February - Dept of Economics Internal Seminar Series: Michalis Drouvelis

4th February - Cultural Environment and Institutional Transplant: Insights from Nineteenth-Century Prussia

3rd February - Financial Reform After the Crisis: Promoting stability, fair taxation, ethics and financial inclusion

3rd February - Dept of Economics External Seminar Series: Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

2nd February - Labor Market Frictions and Aggregate Employment

1st February - Dept of Economics Internal Seminar Series: Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay

28th January - Friends or Foes? Optimal Incentives for Reciprocal Agents

28th January - Global population growth, technology and Malthusian constraints: A quantitative growth theoretic perspective

27th January - Institutional Performance: Towards a Social Framing Perspective on Performance Measurement and Management

27th January - Dept of Economics External Seminar Series: David Miles

25th January - Testing for unit root vs fractional integration in mixed panels

20th January - Intra-Party Disagreement and Inter-Party Polarization

19th January - Distinguished Leaders Series: Paul Szumilewicz and Lucy Williams (HSBC)

18th January - Long-Run Growth Uncertainty


7th December - Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Dr Liang Han

3rd December - The Birmingham Business School Advisory Board Guest Lecture

2nd December - Publishing Excellence Workshop - Academy of Marketing/ Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

2nd December - 'The Lives of Others' – Gender and the Audit Profession in the Context of German Reunification

2nd December - Pakistani Businesses in Barcelona: Trajectories, Opportunities and Dynamics around Entrepreneurship

1st December - A Changing Career in Banking

30th November - A Dissection of Mutual Fund Fees, Flows, and Performance

26th November - The Cold Economy

26th-27th November - GVC in Europe Network Workshop

23rd November - Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Prof Mark Freeman

19th November - SkillUp: Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector

12th November - Enterprise Day at a Birmingham School

12th November - Care Close to Home: Supporting Community Enterprise

12th November - Should Britain remain in the EU? A panel discussion

12th-13th November - Exploring Varieties of Leadership in Urban and Regional Development

10th November - Do young workers need trade unions?

9th November - Media and Political Positioning

7th November - Understanding digital selves through film

4th November - Distinguished Leaders Series: Lucy Baldwin

2nd November - Latin American and Caribbean experiences of migration, work and employment

29th October - Global Value Chains Lunch Time Seminar

29th October - Careers in Marketing - Marketing Journey

28th October - Banking Standards Board Regional Debate in Birmingham

28th October - Maxwell Fry Global Finance Lecture: Post Crisis Regulation: What Has Been Achieved and What Remains To Be Done?

20th October - CREME 19th Annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

17th October - Time to tame advertising?

25th September - ESRC Impact Acceleration workshop around alternates to custody with special reference to violent crime

17th September - West Midlands Powerhouse breakfast debate

17th September - Beyond Policy Silos: Regional Transformation, Growth and Competitiveness

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

2nd September - Explaining identification with relatively low-prestige collectives: A study of Nascar fans

22nd July - Urban regeneration through migration: empirical evidence and conceptual outline on the German case

22nd July - Urban regeneration through migration: empirical evidence and conceptual outline on the German case

27th June - Undergraduate Open Day

26th June - Undergraduate Open Day

25th-26th June - New Directions in Human Capital Theory

9th June - The 'Other' Entrepreneurs

9th June - The 'Other' Entrepreneurs

20th May - Critical Entrepreneurship Studies

20th May - Critical Entrepreneurship Studies

14th May - Eurostat Data Research Training

14th May - Eurostat Data Research Training

29th April - Prospects for Property Tax Reform: Sanity at Last?

27th April - The Economics and Management of Flood Risk

27th April - The Contribution of Leaderful Practice To Leadership-as-Practice

18th April - The Birmingham MBA Open Day

13th April - Can Marketing Be Ethical?

25th-26th March - Financial Resilience Research Cluster launch event

24th March - The demand for fuel and emission of pollutants: an empirical approach for the Brazilian fuel market and

24th March - Which investors drive the transition to a more sustainable electricity industry? - Evidence of investments in Swedish wind power

18th March - Postgraduate Open Day at Birmingham Business School

17th March - Rural forests, urban fuels: A spatial analysis of charcoal demand and forest degradation, with implications for REDD

12th March - Thinning and Thickening: Productive Sector Policies in the Era of Global Value Chains

11th March - CoSS Essentials – Grant Capture

11th March - Distinguished Leaders Series: Stephen Collins

10th March - Racialised Incorporation: How Race and Generational Status Shape Self­‐Employment in the United States

5th March - Avoiding cognitive lock-in in a mature Marshallian Industrial District: the Potteries

25th February - Non-Permanent Workers: An Increasing Constant in European Capitalisms?

24th February - The Automotive Industry: Investing in the Future

18th February - Distinguished Leaders Series: Billie Major

12th February - Governing social responsibility in global supply chains: A stakeholder theory perspective

11th February - The Curse of Returnee CEOs

11th February - Geography, Ties, and Knowledge Flows: Evidence from Citations in Mathematics

11th February - Evolutionary game-theoretic modelling of cyber-security, crime prevention, inspection and corruption

29th January - Heroes or Villains – Agriculture's Value Chain Middlemen

28th January - Distinguished Leaders Series: Xavier Broseta


12th December - Workshop in Economic Theory

3rd December - Distinguished Leaders Series: Una O'Brien

27th November - Changing the role of Whitehall: Lord Michael Heseltine

26th November - Distinguished Leaders Series: Kate Ellis

24th November - Meji Media guest talk

19th November - Robert Cressy inaugural lecture - The entrepreneurship: human capital: finance: performance nexus.

7th November - Crime, Policing and the Community

6th November - New Wave Social Science at the University of Birmingham

5th November - Reshoring Manufacturing: Energy, Skills & Competitiveness

5th November - Birmingham Means Business

4th-6th November - Taxing our wealth – do we have it right?

29th October - Maxwell Fry Global Finance Lecture

28th October - 18th Annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference

23rd October - Does Marketing Have a Soul?

22nd October - Distinguished Leaders Series: Mr Paul Mylrea

15th October - Why London dominates and what the rest of the country should do about it?

7th September - Assessing potential adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

4th September - 'International Research Colloquium 'Sustainability, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Marketing Practice in SMEs''

3rd September - 13th International Colloquium on Arts, Heritage, Non-Profit and Social Marketing,"Understanding impact in arts, heritage, social marketing and non profit marketing"

31st July - MBA Online Chat July 2014

23rd July - Fiona Carmichael inaugural lecture

30th June - Evaluation of Police and Crime Commissioners workshop

25th June - Professor Kiran Trehan - Inaugural Lecture

23rd June - Alumni Event: Practical career advice in London

19th June - CREME 'Access to Finance' workshop

9th June - High Value Engineering: Critical Capabilities for Advanced Manufacturing

8th June - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Indonesia

4th-5th June - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Vietnam

2nd June - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Thailand

2nd-3rd June - New Migrant Businesses: Implications for Policy-Makers and Practitioners

28th May - Innovation and Globalisation: Strategic Challenges for Multinational Firms seminar

23rd May - Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (EEEM) research cluster's internal workshop

22nd May - University of Birmingham Business Club Breakfast Briefing

15th May - CREME Gearing Up for Business Growth workshop

14th May - Come and Meet the MBA Team - MBA Open Evening

6th-7th May - Birmingham Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference

4th April - Better Policing Collaborative Police Fair

12th March - Distinguished Leaders Series - Ms Charlotte Conlan

4th March - CREME 'Engaged scholarship' in action workshop

4th March - CREME 'Engaged scholarship' in action workshop

28th February - Retailing expert and Business School alumna Louise Barnes guest talk

15th February - Birmingham Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference 2014 - Call for Papers

12th February - Distinguished Leaders Series - Dr Keith Palmer OBE

5th February - Martin Wolf - "The Shift and the Shocks: lessons of the global financial crisis"

5th-6th February - RSA International Research Network Seminar 2014

22nd January - Professor Stephen Nickell - "Fiscal Responsibility in the UK"

22nd January - Distinguished Leaders Series - Mr Richard Bishop

11th-16th January - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Thailand

11th-16th January - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Taiwan


5th December - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Germany

4th December - Alessandra Guariglia inaugural lecture

2nd December - Birmingham Leadership Foundation Annual Masterclass, 2013: The Professional Journey of an Entrepreneur

28th November - The Unipart Story: John Neill CBE

27th November - Postgraduate Open Day: MSc & MBA drop-in sessions

27th-29th November - Doctoral Research Degrees at Birmingham events

11th November - Birmingham MBA partnership in Hong Kong launch ceremony

8th November - Brig General Chua Chwee Koh - Singapore Distinguished Leaders Series

6th November - Distinguished Leaders Series - Mrs Valerie Hughes D'Aeth

4th-9th November - Next Generation Social Science Research at the University of Birmingham

30th October - Professor Ron Hodges inaugural lecture

23rd October - Professor Rob Elliott inaugural lecture

23rd October - Distinguished Leaders Series - Andrew Higginson

9th October - Professor Andy Lymer inaugural lecture

8th October - Leaderships lessons from the "World of Sport"

8th October - Military Conflict and the Economic Rise of Urban Europe

2nd October - The Political Economy of Inflation-Tax Banking: Brazil and Mexico in the 19th and 20th Centuries

2nd October - Taxing Banks Fairly

16th-19th September - C++ for computational finance: a crash course with Daniel Duffy

12th-14th September - European Trade Study Group (ETSG) 2013

2nd-4th September - CIGAR Conference

31st July - Francis Greene inaugural lecture

26th July - MBA Online Chat July 2013

4th July - Stewart McLaren - Singapore Distinguished Leaders Series

21st June - MBA Online Chat June 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 20th June 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 20th June 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 26th October 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 20th June 2013

24th May - MBA Online Chat May 2013

23rd-24th May - Beyond Wages - a workshop on Human Capital and Labour Markets

11th May - MBA, Banking, & Finance Postgraduate Fair

5th-8th May - MSc Recruitment - IDP Fairs

1st May - Brit Grosskopf Inaugural lecture

30th April - Midlands Regional Doctoral Colloquium

29th-30th April - Birmingham Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference

25th April - Doing Business in India

24th April - The Financial Wellbeing of the Birmingham Community

14th-18th April - Royal Economic Society Easter School

13th April - Association of MBAs Fair 2013

29th March - MSc Indonesia Exhibitions

27th March - Taxing Banks Fairly Workshop

26th-27th March - MSc Thailand Exhibitions

23rd-24th March - MSc Vietnam Exhibitions

19th March - Distinguished Leader - Tony Hayward

15th March - An Introduction to Credit Ratings

14th March - Partnership for the Planet: Legal Wisdom and Business Innovation

12th March - David Hartnett, Former Permanent Secretary for Tax and Commissioner of HMRC Guest Lecture

4th-6th March - Econometrics Workshops

27th February - MBA Open Evening February 2013

20th February - Distinguished Leaders - Ian Tyler

8th February - Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference Call for Papers

6th February - MBA Online Chat

6th February - Distinguished Leaders - Douglas Johnson-Poensgen

4th February - Prof Al Roth, Nobel Prize Winner - Guest Lecture

31st January - The Kraft – Cadbury Takeover: Does National Ownership Matter?

29th January - Guest Lecture - David Smith Economics Editor of the Sunday Times

18th January - Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies (AFEE) Special Interest Group

17th January - Chocolate and the Quaker capitalists: Britain's lost heritage


28th November - Ian Cranna, VP Marketing, Starbucks

21st November - Distinguished Leaders - Sarah Cox

15th November - Murdoch Marries Blair

9th November - Emotions and Charitable Giving

8th November - A Career in Science?

8th November - Matthew Key, CEO of O2

7th November - Distinguished Leaders - Valarie Hughes D'Aeth

5th November - Acting local, thinking global

31st October - The Circular Economy in Practice

29th-30th October - Human Decision Making Workshop

25th October - Distinguished Leaders - Mike Coupe

17th October - Maxwell Fry PhD Workshop in Development Finance and Lecture

10th October - Distinguished Leaders - Nick Humby

24th September - Distinguished Leaders - Ian Lobley

9th-13th September - Royal Economic Society Autumn School

6th July - West Midlands Economic Forum

25th June - 10th International Conference on Corporate Governance

31st May - Creative Practice, Complexity and the Creative Economy Research Symposium

16th May - Open Evening

15th May - George Day - Strategy from the outside in: Profiting from Customer Value

2nd May - Vice President of Shell speaks on gender balance and equality in organisations

2nd-3rd May - Birmingham Econometrics and Macroeconomics Conference

19th April - How can you, an MBA graduate, optimise your career?

18th April - Global Human Resource Management: Bridging Strategic and Institutional Perspectives

18th April - MBA Open Day 18th April

15th-19th April - Royal Economic Society Easter School

30th March - Business Breakfast

26th March - Global Banking Alumni Speaker Series Session 2

22nd March - European banking regulation - Speaker from the European Commission

21st March - Register now for the new Global Banking and Finance Alumni speaker series

21st March - MBA Open Day 21st March

14th March - From Resources to Radical Innovation: A Study of the Contingency Role of Information Search and Strategy Types

13th March - Caroline Miller 'Responsible Retailing' Corporate Responsibility Manager, Aldi UK

9th March - Assets and inclusion: class, ethnicity and inter-generational inequality

8th March - The future of asset-based policies in the US and UK

8th March - Licensing Radical Product Innovations to Speed Up the Diffusion

27th February - Open Innovation in small firms: Positive step or costly mistake?

22nd February - When co-opetition becomes collusion: towards a new understanding of "dark" and "shadow" industrial networks

13th February - Careers in Procurement

11th February - MBA Open day - Saturday 11th February

8th February - Critical Realism, Interdisciplinarity and Wellbeing: A guest lecture by Professor Roy Bhaskar