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Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Prof Marc Goergen

Monday 21st March 2016
University House - Room TBC
Speaker: Marc Goergen, Cardiff Business School
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23rd November - Dept of Finance Guest Seminar Series - Prof Mark Freeman

19th November - SkillUp: Skill development and firm upgrading to sustain the competitiveness of the EU manufacturing sector

12th November - Should Britain remain in the EU? A panel discussion

12th-13th November - Exploring Varieties of Leadership in Urban and Regional Development

10th November - Do young workers need trade unions?

9th November - Media and Political Positioning

7th November - Understanding digital selves through film

4th November - Distinguished Leaders Series: Lucy Baldwin

29th October - Global Value Chains Lunch Time Seminar

29th October - Careers in Marketing - Marketing Journey

28th October - Banking Standards Board Regional Debate in Birmingham

28th October - Maxwell Fry Global Finance Lecture: Post Crisis Regulation: What Has Been Achieved and What Remains To Be Done?

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

17th October - Time to tame advertising?

25th September - ESRC Impact Acceleration workshop around alternates to custody with special reference to violent crime

17th September - West Midlands Powerhouse breakfast debate

17th September - Beyond Policy Silos: Regional Transformation, Growth and Competitiveness

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

2nd September - Explaining identification with relatively low-prestige collectives: A study of Nascar fans

22nd July - Urban regeneration through migration: empirical evidence and conceptual outline on the German case

27th June - Undergraduate Open Day

26th June - Undergraduate Open Day

25th-26th June - New Directions in Human Capital Theory

9th June - The 'Other' Entrepreneurs

20th May - Critical Entrepreneurship Studies

14th May - Eurostat Data Research Training

29th April - Prospects for Property Tax Reform: Sanity at Last?

27th April - The Economics and Management of Flood Risk

27th April - The Contribution of Leaderful Practice To Leadership-as-Practice

18th April - The Birmingham MBA Open Day

13th April - Can Marketing Be Ethical?

25th-26th March - Financial Resilience Research Cluster launch event

24th March - Which investors drive the transition to a more sustainable electricity industry? - Evidence of investments in Swedish wind power

24th March - The demand for fuel and emission of pollutants: an empirical approach for the Brazilian fuel market and

18th March - Postgraduate Open Day at Birmingham Business School

17th March - Rural forests, urban fuels: A spatial analysis of charcoal demand and forest degradation, with implications for REDD

12th March - Thinning and Thickening: Productive Sector Policies in the Era of Global Value Chains

11th March - CoSS Essentials – Grant Capture

11th March - Distinguished Leaders Series: Stephen Collins

5th March - Avoiding cognitive lock-in in a mature Marshallian Industrial District: the Potteries

25th February - Non-Permanent Workers: An Increasing Constant in European Capitalisms?

24th February - The Automotive Industry: Investing in the Future

18th February - Distinguished Leaders Series: Billie Major

12th February - Governing social responsibility in global supply chains: A stakeholder theory perspective

11th February - The Curse of Returnee CEOs

11th February - Evolutionary game-theoretic modelling of cyber-security, crime prevention, inspection and corruption

11th February - Geography, Ties, and Knowledge Flows: Evidence from Citations in Mathematics

29th January - Heroes or Villains – Agriculture's Value Chain Middlemen

28th January - Distinguished Leaders Series: Xavier Broseta


12th December - Workshop in Economic Theory

3rd December - Distinguished Leaders Series: Una O'Brien

27th November - Changing the role of Whitehall: Lord Michael Heseltine

26th November - Distinguished Leaders Series: Kate Ellis

24th November - Meji Media guest talk

19th November - Robert Cressy inaugural lecture - The entrepreneurship: human capital: finance: performance nexus.

7th November - Crime, Policing and the Community

6th November - New Wave Social Science at the University of Birmingham

5th November - Reshoring Manufacturing: Energy, Skills & Competitiveness

5th November - Birmingham Means Business

4th-6th November - Taxing our wealth – do we have it right?

29th October - Maxwell Fry Global Finance Lecture

28th October - 18th Annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference

23rd October - Does Marketing Have a Soul?

22nd October - Distinguished Leaders Series: Mr Paul Mylrea

15th October - Why London dominates and what the rest of the country should do about it?

7th September - Assessing potential adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

4th September - 'International Research Colloquium 'Sustainability, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Marketing Practice in SMEs''

3rd September - 13th International Colloquium on Arts, Heritage, Non-Profit and Social Marketing,"Understanding impact in arts, heritage, social marketing and non profit marketing"

31st July - MBA Online Chat July 2014

23rd July - Fiona Carmichael inaugural lecture

30th June - Evaluation of Police and Crime Commissioners workshop

25th June - Professor Kiran Trehan - Inaugural Lecture

23rd June - Alumni Event: Practical career advice in London

9th June - High Value Engineering: Critical Capabilities for Advanced Manufacturing

8th June - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Indonesia

4th-5th June - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Vietnam

2nd June - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Thailand

28th May - Innovation and Globalisation: Strategic Challenges for Multinational Firms seminar

23rd May - Environmental and Energy Economics and Management (EEEM) research cluster's internal workshop

22nd May - University of Birmingham Business Club Breakfast Briefing

14th May - Come and Meet the MBA Team - MBA Open Evening

6th-7th May - Birmingham Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference

4th April - Better Policing Collaborative Police Fair

12th March - Distinguished Leaders Series - Ms Charlotte Conlan

4th March - CREME 'Engaged scholarship' in action workshop

28th February - Retailing expert and Business School alumna Louise Barnes guest talk

15th February - Birmingham Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference 2014 - Call for Papers

12th February - Distinguished Leaders Series - Dr Keith Palmer OBE

5th February - Martin Wolf - "The Shift and the Shocks: lessons of the global financial crisis"

5th-6th February - RSA International Research Network Seminar 2014

22nd January - Professor Stephen Nickell - "Fiscal Responsibility in the UK"

22nd January - Distinguished Leaders Series - Mr Richard Bishop

11th-16th January - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Thailand

11th-16th January - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Taiwan


5th December - Meet our MSc Admissions & Recruitment Officer in Germany

4th December - Alessandra Guariglia inaugural lecture

2nd December - Birmingham Leadership Foundation Annual Masterclass, 2013: The Professional Journey of an Entrepreneur

28th November - The Unipart Story: John Neill CBE

27th November - Postgraduate Open Day: MSc & MBA drop-in sessions

27th-29th November - Doctoral Research Degrees at Birmingham events

11th November - Birmingham MBA partnership in Hong Kong launch ceremony

8th November - Brig General Chua Chwee Koh - Singapore Distinguished Leaders Series

6th November - Distinguished Leaders Series - Mrs Valerie Hughes D'Aeth

4th-9th November - Next Generation Social Science Research at the University of Birmingham

30th October - Professor Ron Hodges inaugural lecture

23rd October - Professor Rob Elliott inaugural lecture

23rd October - Distinguished Leaders Series - Andrew Higginson

9th October - Professor Andy Lymer inaugural lecture

8th October - Leaderships lessons from the "World of Sport"

8th October - Military Conflict and the Economic Rise of Urban Europe

2nd October - The Political Economy of Inflation-Tax Banking: Brazil and Mexico in the 19th and 20th Centuries

2nd October - Taxing Banks Fairly

16th-19th September - C++ for computational finance: a crash course with Daniel Duffy

12th-14th September - European Trade Study Group (ETSG) 2013

2nd-4th September - CIGAR Conference

31st July - Francis Greene inaugural lecture

26th July - MBA Online Chat July 2013

4th July - Stewart McLaren - Singapore Distinguished Leaders Series

21st June - MBA Online Chat June 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 20th June 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 20th June 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 26th October 2013

20th June - Undergraduate Open Day 20th June 2013

24th May - MBA Online Chat May 2013

23rd-24th May - Beyond Wages - a workshop on Human Capital and Labour Markets

11th May - MBA, Banking, & Finance Postgraduate Fair

5th-8th May - MSc Recruitment - IDP Fairs

1st May - Brit Grosskopf Inaugural lecture

30th April - Midlands Regional Doctoral Colloquium

29th-30th April - Birmingham Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference

25th April - Doing Business in India

24th April - The Financial Wellbeing of the Birmingham Community

14th-18th April - Royal Economic Society Easter School

13th April - Association of MBAs Fair 2013

29th March - MSc Indonesia Exhibitions

27th March - Taxing Banks Fairly Workshop

26th-27th March - MSc Thailand Exhibitions

23rd-24th March - MSc Vietnam Exhibitions

19th March - Distinguished Leader - Tony Hayward

15th March - An Introduction to Credit Ratings

14th March - Partnership for the Planet: Legal Wisdom and Business Innovation

12th March - David Hartnett, Former Permanent Secretary for Tax and Commissioner of HMRC Guest Lecture

4th-6th March - Econometrics Workshops

27th February - MBA Open Evening February 2013

20th February - Distinguished Leaders - Ian Tyler

8th February - Macroeconomics and Econometrics Conference Call for Papers

6th February - MBA Online Chat

6th February - Distinguished Leaders - Douglas Johnson-Poensgen

4th February - Prof Al Roth, Nobel Prize Winner - Guest Lecture

31st January - The Kraft – Cadbury Takeover: Does National Ownership Matter?

29th January - Guest Lecture - David Smith Economics Editor of the Sunday Times

18th January - Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies (AFEE) Special Interest Group

17th January - Chocolate and the Quaker capitalists: Britain's lost heritage


28th November - Ian Cranna, VP Marketing, Starbucks

21st November - Distinguished Leaders - Sarah Cox

15th November - Murdoch Marries Blair

9th November - Emotions and Charitable Giving

8th November - A Career in Science?

8th November - Matthew Key, CEO of O2

7th November - Distinguished Leaders - Valarie Hughes D'Aeth

5th November - Acting local, thinking global

31st October - The Circular Economy in Practice

29th-30th October - Human Decision Making Workshop

25th October - Distinguished Leaders - Mike Coupe

17th October - Maxwell Fry PhD Workshop in Development Finance and Lecture

10th October - Distinguished Leaders - Nick Humby

24th September - Distinguished Leaders - Ian Lobley

9th-13th September - Royal Economic Society Autumn School

6th July - West Midlands Economic Forum

25th June - 10th International Conference on Corporate Governance

31st May - Creative Practice, Complexity and the Creative Economy Research Symposium

16th May - Open Evening

15th May - George Day - Strategy from the outside in: Profiting from Customer Value

2nd May - Vice President of Shell speaks on gender balance and equality in organisations

2nd-3rd May - Birmingham Econometrics and Macroeconomics Conference

19th April - How can you, an MBA graduate, optimise your career?

18th April - Global Human Resource Management: Bridging Strategic and Institutional Perspectives

18th April - MBA Open Day 18th April

15th-19th April - Royal Economic Society Easter School

30th March - Business Breakfast

26th March - Global Banking Alumni Speaker Series Session 2

22nd March - European banking regulation - Speaker from the European Commission

21st March - Register now for the new Global Banking and Finance Alumni speaker series

21st March - MBA Open Day 21st March

14th March - From Resources to Radical Innovation: A Study of the Contingency Role of Information Search and Strategy Types

13th March - Caroline Miller 'Responsible Retailing' Corporate Responsibility Manager, Aldi UK

9th March - Assets and inclusion: class, ethnicity and inter-generational inequality

8th March - The future of asset-based policies in the US and UK

8th March - Licensing Radical Product Innovations to Speed Up the Diffusion

27th February - Open Innovation in small firms: Positive step or costly mistake?

22nd February - When co-opetition becomes collusion: towards a new understanding of "dark" and "shadow" industrial networks

13th February - Careers in Procurement

11th February - MBA Open day - Saturday 11th February

8th February - Critical Realism, Interdisciplinarity and Wellbeing: A guest lecture by Professor Roy Bhaskar

11th January - Open day - Wednesday 11th January